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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12022Running fast and standing slow: a study on the effect of gesture posing on time perceptionDr. LO Lap Yan ; Tam, H. M. ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2Nov-2021Examining social context and the pathways to mental wellness in young adults during social movement: A parallel mediation analysisWong, Rosa S. ; Tung, Keith T. S. ; Fu, King-wa ; Bacon-Shone, John ; Molasiotis, Alex ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Lee, Yin-king Linda ; Lum, Terry Y. S. ; Lau, Joseph T. F. ; Chan, Chitat ; To, Siu-Ming ; Ip, Patrick Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32019Form follows function: An investigation into the categorical boundary of surpriseDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Lee, L. P. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42018A fundamental question about the application of high-density electroencephalography and time-series analysis in examining synchronous networks during sleep -- Does the use of different referencing and data preprocessing methods really matter?Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52018Examining dense-array electroencephalographic networks during sleep -- Partial or non-partial correlations?Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62018A review of the cognitive and emotive mechanisms underpinning the facilitatory effects of comic features on reading comprehensionSuen, M. T. M. ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Wong, Simpson W. L. Other Article
72018Running in fear: An investigation into the dimensional account of emotion in discriminating emotional expressionsDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Lee, L. P. ; Yeung, P. S. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82016Biological psychologyDr. LI Wang On, Alex Book Chapter
92016Consciousness: How we perceive and become aware of our worldDr. LI Wang On, Alex Book Chapter
102016Learning and memory: How do we learn and retain new knowledge?Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Book Chapter
112015A basic need theory approach to problematic Internet use and the mediating effect of psychological distressDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Yuen, Kenneth S. L. ; Wong, Ting Yat Peer Reviewed Journal Article
122015The perception of time while perceiving dynamic emotionalDr. LI Wang-on, Alex ; Yuen, Kenneth S. L. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
132012Diagnostic characteristics of care receivers with intellectual disabilities and the difficulty and burden experienced by family caregiversDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Fan, Tak Wing ; Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142012Difficulty and burden experienced by principal family caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities in Hong KongDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Fan, Tak Wing Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152009Recruitment of a novel cue for active control depends on control dynamicsDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Saunders, Jeffrey A. ; Li, Li Peer Reviewed Journal Article
162009Background motion and the perception of shape defined by illusory contoursDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Khuu, Sieu K. ; Hayes, Anthony Peer Reviewed Journal Article
172008Distortion in perceived image size accompanies flash lag in depthLee, Terence C. P. ; Khuu, Sieu K. ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Hayes, Anthony Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Neurophysiological Techniques in Decision Making: tDCS in Moral Judgment ResearchRLG 302, Research Complex, HKSYU21-12-201721-12-2017Seminar