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12023Encaged and enraged: A study of how leavel of aggression relates to perceived crowdedness, risk, and boredomDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22023A mediation effect of agitation to the relationship between searching new lifestyle and retreating in young oldYip, Ching-Man ; Dr. LO Lap Yan ; Hui, Ngo Ming Conference Paper
32023An examination of memory performance in a fearful virtual reality gaming contextDr. LO Lap Yan ; Ip, C. L. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42022Running fast and standing slow: a study on the effect of gesture posing on time perceptionDr. LO Lap Yan ; Tam, H. M. ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52022Visual–auditory interactions on explicit and implicit information processingDr. LO Lap Yan ; Lai, C. C. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62021Never look down power: The relationship between looking directions and hierarchical senseDr. LO Lap Yan ; Pang, C. L. ; Chui, H. Y. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72021An effortful apology: The effect of pen pressure on perceived sincerityDr. LO Lap Yan ; Yeung, K. Y. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82021A preliminary study of an online pain management programme for patients with ankylosing spondylitisProf. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Dr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Dr. CHEUNG Yim, Yen ; Wong, Siu Sing Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92021A study on a mediation effect of students’ relationship with school on their sense of well beingChow, Y. H. ; Dr. LO Lap Yan Conference Paper
102020March for unity: A study on an effect of synchronized actions to perceived closenessAu, K. B. ; Dr. LO Lap Yan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112019Not only musicians know major and minor: Categorical perception of major and minor in untrained ears across agesDr. LO Lap Yan ; Ng, T. C. ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Dr. THOMPSON Nigel Peer Reviewed Journal Article
122019Form follows function: An investigation into the categorical boundary of surpriseDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Lee, L. P. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
132019The Mario Brothers are unfair: A study on sense of progression in computer gameplayDr. LO Lap Yan ; Li, S. W. ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142018Best thing is always in the middle? An investigation of centrality preference by eye-tracking technique and memory recallDr. LO Lap Yan ; Tsang, Cheuk Yu Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152018Running in fear: An investigation into the dimensional account of emotion in discriminating emotional expressionsDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Lee, L. P. ; Yeung, P. S. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
162017An investigation of sound-symbolism in the context of tactile feelingDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. THOMPSON Nigel ; Luk, H. M. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
172017A quick eye to anger: An investigation of a differential effect of facial features in detecting angry and happy expressionsDr. LO Lap Yan ; Cheng, M. Y. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
182016Revalidation of the cognitive and affective mindfulness scale -- Revised (CAMS-R) with its newly developed Chinese version (Ch-CAMS-R)Dr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Dr. THOMPSON Nigel ; Chan, Hau-Lung Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192016Understanding the microstructure and macrostructure of passages among Chinese elementary school childrenDr. LO Lap Yan ; Ho, Connie Suk-Han ; Wong, Yau-Kai ; Chan, David Wai-ock ; Chung, Kevin Kien-hoa Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202016Angry versus furious: A comparision between valence and arousal in dimensional models of emotionsDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Hung, N. L. Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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