Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson

Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson
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12023Developing a parent-based empathy and compassion intervention: A pilot studyDr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Michalska, Kalina J ; Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. LAM Yin-Hung, Bess ; Tsui, Wai-Man ; Yung, Erica Conference Paper
22022Exploring the relationships between online learning, motivation, social presence, and learning efficacyLaw, Samuel Cheuk-Yin ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Ching, Chung Hau Book Chapter
32022Proceedings of the meaning in life international conference 2022 - cultivating, promoting, and enhancing meaning in life across cultures and life span (MIL 2022)Edited Book
42022Awareness of meaning and quest for meaning: The mechanisms between future orientation and prosociality among youth during pandemicLui, Wai-Kin ; Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex ; Ng, Kai-Hang ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Yung, Chui-Shan ; Lau, Ka-Wing Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52022How meaning in life affect the attitudes towards COVID-19 and flourishing among Chinese youthChan, Nga-Yi ; Yung, Ka-Lai ; Law, Cheuk-Yin ; Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Yu, Ting-Shun ; Kung, Man-Wai ; Chung, Hau Ching ; Wong, Ching Shan ; Ng, Kai-Hang ; Lui, Wai-Kin ; Lau, Ka-Wing Conference Paper
62021Perception and evaluation of 23 positive emotions in Hong Kong and the NetherlandsSun, Rui ; Hou, Wai Kai ; Hui, Bryant P. H. ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Engels, Tiarah ; Sauter, Disa A. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72021E-learning and learning motivation: Exploring the moderation effects of social presence and learning efficacyLaw, Samuel Cheuk-Yin ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Chung, Hau Ching Conference Paper
82021Awareness of meaning–The mechanism between future orientation and prosocial tendencyDr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex ; Lau, Ka-Wing ; Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond Conference Paper
92021Youth gambling in online gaming and esports: The associations with pathological gaming and gamblingDr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex ; Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; YUEN Wai Hang, Anderson ; Kung, Man-Wai ; Chau, Yui-Chi ; Lau, Wing Yan ; Lui, Wai-Kin ; Ng, Kai-Hang ; Fung, Ying-Yuk Conference Paper
102020The relation between personality, time perspective and positive orientation in Chile, Hong Kong, and PolandPrzepiorka, M. Aneta ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Szcześniak, Małgorzata ; Timoszyk-Tomczak, Celina ; Le, Jacqueline Jiaying ; Muñoz, Mónica Pino Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112020Is gratitude always beneficial to interpersonal relationships? The interplay of grateful disposition, grateful mood, and grateful expression among married couplesLeong, Joyce L. T. ; Chen, Sylvia Xiaohua ; Fung, Helene H. ; Bond, Michael Harris ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Zhu, Jay Yijie Peer Reviewed Journal Article
122020The efficacy of the mobile application-based mindfulness mediation on adjustment of college students in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trialDr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Tsui, Wai-Man ; Wong, Chloe Yuet-Tung Book Chapter
132019The relationships between self-efficacy, self-control, chronotype, procrastination and sleep problems in young adultsPrzepiorka, M. Aneta ; Blachnio, Agata ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142019The effects of need satisfaction and dissatisfaction on flourishing among young Chinese gamers: The mediating role of internet gaming disorderHui, Bryant Pui Hung ; Wu, Anise M. S. ; Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Chung, Ming-Lun ; Pun, Ngai Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152016'Jumping to conclusions' data-gathering bias in psychosis and other psychiatric disorders -- two meta-analyses of comparisons between patients and healthy individualsDr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; So, Ho-wai Suzanne ; Wong, Hau-lam ; Chan, Wai ; Garety, Philippa Anne Peer Reviewed Journal Article
162014Time perception and time perspective differences between adolescents and adultsDr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Lam, H. Y. Heidi ; Le, J. Y. Jacqueline ; Przepiorka, M. Aneta Peer Reviewed Journal Article
172013A Chinese mind-body exercise improves self-control of children with autism: A randomized controlled trialDr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Chan, S. Agnes ; Sze, L. Sophia ; Lau, M. Eliza ; Cheung, Mei-Chun Peer Reviewed Journal Article
182012The comorbidity of chronic pain and sleep disturbances in a community adolescent sample: Prevalence and association with sociodemographic and psychosocial factorsDr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson ; Chan, Simon ; Wong, Ka-Man; Wong, Wing-SzePeer Reviewed Journal Article

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Results 1-1 of 1

NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Neurophysiological Techniques in Decision Making: tDCS in Moral Judgment ResearchRLG 302, Research Complex, HKSYU21-12-201721-12-2017Seminar