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Dr. MAN Pui-Kwan
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Research Interests
Sociology of crime and deviance
Gambling disorder
Gender, family, and marriage
Income inequality between local-born and migrants
Quantitative and qualitative research methods
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Income differences of Chinese sub-ethnic groups in CanadaFong, Eric ; Dr. MAN Pui-Kwan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22023A gendered analysis of family, work, social spheres and life satisfaction: The case of highly educated migrants in Hong KongDr. MAN Pui-Kwan ; Gan, Rebecca Yiqing ; Fong, Eric Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32022Do gender norms matter? General strain theory and a gendered analysis of gambling disorder among Chinese married couplesDr. MAN Pui-Kwan ; Cheung, Nicole W. T. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42021戰後嬰兒與千禧世代:初探教育對香港本地人和移民收入差別的影響文珮君博士 ; 方偉晶 Book Chapter
52021Momentum of Chinese migration scholarship in East and Southeast AsiaDr. MAN Pui-Kwan ; Fong, Eric Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62021Income differences between local born and migrant young adults in Hong Kong: A comparison of baby boomers and millennialsDr. MAN Pui-Kwan ; Fong, Eric Presentation
72017Strain, negative emotions, coping strategies, and gambling disorder: The role of gender norms in general strain theoryDr. MAN Pui-Kwan ; Cheung, Nicole W. T. Presentation
82015Negotiation in cross-cultural marriages: A qualitative study among middle class professionals in Hong KongDr. MAN Pui-Kwan Presentation
92014中國崛起與東亞敵友:相生相剋?余嘉明 ; 文珮君博士 Book Chapter
102012新世紀生活與社會.核心單元3, 個人與群性發展: 人際關係(一)文珮君博士 Book