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NameChinese NameResearch Interests
Dr. DOS SANTOS Luis Miguel, LouisDiaspora (Chinese and Korean); Discrimination and bias in education; Decision-making processes; Second career-changing teachers; Motivation of learning; International student and faculty member; Teacher’s professional development; School human resources management and training; Foreign language teaching and learning; Self-efficacy; Immigration; Career decisions; Stress and burnout; Turnover and retention; Social cognitive learning
Dr. FU Wai符瑋博士Gambling Prevention; Critical Psychology; Qualitative Research Methodology; Psychoanalysis (Freud, Winnicott, Lacan); History of Psychology (School of Names, Hypnosis movement in Republican China); Psychology of music
Dr. HARRISON G. MarkWellbeing in schools; School counselling
Prof. HUE Ming TakSchool Guidance; Behavioral Management; Diversity and Inclusion; Equity; Classroom Management; Qualitative Research Methods; Ethnic Minority; Educational Counselling
Dr. KWOK Ka Yiu, DanielMarriage and Family Therapy; Family with chronic illness member; Financial Counselling; Gambling Counselling
Dr. LAI Ching-han, Lufanna黎靜嫻博士Psychology of religion; Quality of life, Subjective wellbeing, Cross-cultural differences in subjective wellbeing
Dr. LAM Yin-Hung, BessAntisocial behavior; Neurocriminology; Neuropsychology; Schizophrenia-spectrum disorders; Youth mental health
Dr. LAU Hi Po, BoboReproductive health; Gerontology; Holistic interventions; Family caregiving; Community mental health; Chronic illnesses
Dr. LAU Kam Lun, EdmondPositive psychology; Police psychology; Criminal behaviours; Community mental health
Dr. LEUNG Mei-kei, MikiMental health and resilience; Children’s Play; Consciousness; Compassion and mindfulness; Disorders of social cognition including autism, depression and schizophrenia; Social, cognitive and affective neuroscience; Strength-based intervention; Self-other distinction and connection
Dr. LI Wang On, Alex李允安博士Cognitive Neuroscience; Perception; Emotion
Dr. LIN M. Muriel林孟儀博士Schema Therapy for Personality Disorders and Trauma Related Issues; Mental Health Issues in Adults; Cross-Cultural Comparison regarding Treatment Interventions; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dr. LO Lap YanConsciousness; Evolution
Dr. NG Sin-Ying, AlbeComplex trauma; Sleep and Psychophysiology; Post-traumatic growth and resilience; Dissociation; Trauma-informed care
Dr. NGAI Tsz-kin, JoeHuman-Animal Interaction; Child Education; Cyberpsychology; Positive Psychology; Animal Assisted Intervention; Humane Education; Gamification; One Health
Dr. RASHIDNIA JafarCross-cultural psychology; Social psychology; Psychological disorders and mental health; Personality psychology and individual differences; Forensic psychology and criminal behavior; Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
Prof. SUN Tien Lun, Catherine孫天倫教授Taoist and Buddhist Psychotherapy; Psychology of Branding; Chinese Psychology; Chinese Psychotherapy; Early Intervention in SEN children
Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine鄧素琴教授Life Adversity and Trauma Psychology; Psychological Intervention outcome; Behavior Addiction and Health Psychology; Family Violence; Women’s Health & Violence Against Women
Dr. THOMPSON NigelHealth Outcomes in Pediatric Asthma– Pathways Of Effect; Caregiver Dispositional Mindfulness
Dr. TONG Ka-Ho, AdrianPsychological intervention process; Acceptance and commitment therapy; Parental stress and parenting; Special educational needs; Cognitive behavioural therapy