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Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, MSS in Counselling Psychology Programme
Dr. LIN M. Muriel
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Psychopathology and Psychological Disorders
Shema Therapy
Treatment Intervention
Music Psychology
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12019Not only musicians know major and minor: Categorical perception of major and minor in untrained ears across agesDr. LO Lap Yan ; Ng, T. C. ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Dr. THOMPSON Nigel Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22019認知行為治療林孟儀博士 Book Chapter
32016Revalidation of the cognitive and affective mindfulness scale -- Revised (CAMS-R) with its newly developed Chinese version (Ch-CAMS-R)Dr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Dr. THOMPSON Nigel ; Chan, Hau-Lung Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42016Angry versus furious: A comparision between valence and arousal in dimensional models of emotionsDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Hung, N. L. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52016The relationship between family resilience and family crisis: An empirical study of Chinese families using family adjustment and adaptation response model with the family strength indexDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Lui, Pui-Ying ; Wong, Yau-Kai Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62016Does content matter? The effect of remorseful tone on length of prison sentenceDr. LO Lap Yan ; Dr. LIN M. Muriel ; Au-Yeung, On Na Peer Reviewed Journal Article