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Associate Professor
Director, Positive Technology and Virtual Reality Laboratory
Research Coordinator, Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology Programme
Research Coordinator, Doctor of Psychology in Counselling Psychology Programme
Co-Chair of Dept. Research Committee
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Research Interests
Qualitative Research Methodology
Gambling Prevention
Psychoanalysis (Freud, Winnicott, Lacan)
Critical Psychology
History of Psychology (School of Names, Hypnosis movement in Republican China)
Psychology of music
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Use of electronic music technologies for treatment of situational phobia: an exploratory studyDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
22023名家《公孫龍子》對本土心理學的啟示符瑋博士 Other Article
32023惠施: 穿越時代的大宗師符瑋博士 Other Article
42023Esports versus gaming addiction: Juxtaposition of perspectives from counselling professionals and from the esports sectorsDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
52022The experiences of school counsellors in Hong Kong: implications for policy innovationDr. HARRISON G. Mark ; Dr. FU Wai ; Cheung, Jacky K. F. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62022The association between stress exposure, traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth among Hong Kong Young adults under the “double-hit” of social unrest and COVID-19Pat, Lian Ying-Chun ; Dr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo ; NG Chi Kit, Jacky ; Dr. FU Wai Conference Paper
72022電競與心理健康: 香港心理學界、社會工作界與電競業界觀點的敘事研究符瑋博士 ; 方富輝博士 ; 劉軒朗 Conference Paper
82022STAT protocol: A tool for differentiating typology of mental health concerns in statistics related experiencesDr. FU Wai Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92022Collision of perspectives concerning esportsDr. FU Wai ; Lau, Hin-long ; Wong, Oscar Wai-Kuen Conference Paper
102022縱橫家對本土心理培訓的啟示符瑋博士 Other Article
112021Critical deconstruction of "East meets West": The lesson from Hong KongDr. FU Wai Book Chapter
122020The mask as the simulacra: Re-reading Jean Baudrillard at the time of "the pandemaic is not really taking place"Dr. FU Wai Conference Paper
132020Love will tear us apart: A case of critical psychology in a place called Hong KongDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
142019Information technology usage as a moderator between disordered gambling, internet gaming addiction, and illusory controlProf. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Dr. FU Wai Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152019Discourse analysis of public image of psychologists in Hong Kong: Historical, cultural and critical perspectiveDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
162019A critical history of introduction of statistics in psychology curriculum: A case study of Hong KongDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
172019A phenomenological investigation of statistics anxiety among undergarduate students in Hong KongDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
182016名家《公孫龍子》對本土心理學的啟示符瑋博士 Conference Paper
192016Ancient-history, critical history, and the creation of a psychology-underground in Hong KongDr. FU Wai Conference Paper
202016Critical psychology in post-colonial (?) Hong KongDr. FU Wai Conference Paper

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