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Economic sociology
Old-time brand business
Entrepreneurship theory and practice
Economic reform and social transformation in South China
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12023縱覽廣州老字號商業景觀: 從19世紀流動景觀到「一帶一路」倡議高崇博士 ; 柯群英 Book Chapter
22022Practicing safe eating during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong: a trust in action perspectiveDr. GAO Chong ; Kuah-Pearce, Khun Eng Book Chapter
32022Rethinking the flow of Cantonese teahouse and yumcha culture between Guangzhou and Hong Kong: A cultural diplomacy perspectiveDr. GAO Chong Conference Paper
42021Re-imagining corporate community involvement during the COVID-19 pandemic: A case study of pharmaceutical companies in Guangdong province, ChinaDr. GAO Chong ; Leung, Ho Hon Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52021Navigating the landscape of Guangzhou's time-honoured business: From the 19th-century flowscape to the belt and road initiativeDr. GAO Chong ; Kuah-Pearce, Khun Eng Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62020老字號文化內涵的深描: 以廣州老字號企業為例高崇博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72020經濟社會學的挑戰與機遇Edited Book
82019經濟社會學視野下的經濟新常態Conference Proceedings
92018中國轉型與創新: 經濟社會學視角Conference Proceedings
102017Cheung Chau Bun Festival: Durability of an intangible cultural heritage in contemporary Hong KongDr. GAO Chong Book Chapter
112017中國新時代的經濟社會學研究Conference Proceedings
132016從組織結構分析老字號的類型: 以廣州市老字號為例高崇博士 Book Chapter
142016老字號的空間嵌入性: 香港甄誠記糖果公司的個案研究高崇博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152016老字號的類型學分析: 以廣州市老字號為例高崇博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
162016經濟社會學的演變及其與中國研究的關聯高崇博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
172016關聯取向的經濟社會學家以及如此轉向的意義Zelizer, Viviana A. ; 高崇博士 ; 李興華 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192015老字號的延續與變革: 以香港真椰糖果公司為例高崇博士 Book Chapter
202015The garment industry in South China: Practising relational workDr. GAO Chong ; Kuah-Pearce, Khun Eng Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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經濟社會學: 理論評析與中國經驗2015湖南,長沙,中南大學10-07-201512-07-2015
經濟社會學: 理論評析與中國經驗2014武漢大學10-07-201412-07-2014
經濟社會學: 理論評析與中國經驗寧夏, 銀川14-07-201215-07-2012
文化嵌入與中國經濟奇迹: 經濟社會學視角江西, 南昌23-07-201123-07-2011