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TitlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
Constructing an Interdisciplinary Research Platform at Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityDr. HU Fai Chung2015
Understanding the Pillars of Hong Kong Economy – Tourism and Retail Sector – Interactive Learning ProgramDr. LEE Shu Kam2009
Executive function skills and early school success in young Chinese children from low-income families = 華人低收入家庭幼童的執行功能技巧與早期學習成就Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2015
In-role and extra-role knowledge sharing among information technology professionals: A self-determination perspectiveDr. CUI Xiling, Celine2015
The missing link: An investigation of Moism, the School of Names, and the School of Diplomats, and their place in the history of ancient Chinese psychologyDr. FU Wai2015
In face of life's problems, what does religion mean? Assessing rational choice theory with evidence from Catholic case studiesDr. HO Yuk Ying, Irene2015
Trauma, Memory, And Healing in Modern Asian LiteratureDr. JAYAWICKRAMA Sharanya2015
Risk yet to be socially realized: Light Pollution in Hong KongDr. LAM Yee Man2015
Nonlinear Cointegration and Relevant Market Definition: A Study of Grocery MarketsDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
Hong Kong Journalists' Oral HistoryProf. LEUNG Tin Wai2015
Angry is not that Angry: Relativity of Emotion Perception and New Development of Emotional Expressions PhotobankDr. LO Lap Yan2015
Religion and Community Development in Hong Kong - Teaching Support and Development ProgrammeDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
The Oral History for the Lamma IslandDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Project for the Documentation of Bukit Brown and Seh Ong CemeteriesProf. HUI Yew-Foong2011
Documenting Bukit Brown: Exploring New Horizons of KnowledgeProf. HUI Yew-Foong2014
Angry is not that Angry: Relativity of Emotion Perception and New Development of Emotional Expressions PhotobankDr. LI Wang On, Alex; Dr. LO Lap Yan2015
An exploratory study of the positive side of work-family dynamics = 工作與家庭正面互動之探索性研究Dr. CHIO Hin Man, Jasmine2015/16
Mapping Diasporic Networks: The Case of the Indonesian Chinese = 映射流散網絡: 以印尼華僑華人為例Prof. HUI Yew-Foong2015
People without identity: Exploring the social experiences of asylum seekers in Hong Kong = 沒有身份的人: 在香港尋求庇護人士的生活經驗Dr. LAU Pui Yan, Flora2016-2017
Construction safety index for skyscrapers in Hong Kong: A Multi-criteria decision-making approach = 多準則決策分析香港摩天大廈建造安全指數Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita2015
Endeavour Research Fellowship "Sustainable buildings in Australia", Australian GovernmentDr. LI Yi Man, Rita
Influence of emotion to time perceptionDr. LI Wang On, Alex
Empowering caregivers of people with schizophrenia: Comparing intervention effectiveness of family link education programme (FLEP), collective narrative practice group (CNGP) and integrative peer support growth group (IPSGG) = 為精神分裂症患者照顧者充能: 對比家連家心理教育、團體敘事實踐小組和綜合型朋輩互助成長組的干預成效Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth2015/16
Revisiting public relations functions and values in the digital era = 探討數碼年代公共關係的功能和價值Dr. TONG Suk Chong, Crispy2016-2017
油麻地果欄口述歷史研究計劃Dr. LO Wing Sang; Dr. AU Chi Kin2011/12
Are Asset Impairment and Earnings Management for Tunneling? Evidence from Connected Transactions in Hong KongDr. LEE Hua2017/18
A Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation GamesDr. ZHOU Qiang2015
Intelligent Systems Ready for the Digital Future of Supply ChainsDr. ZHOU Qiang2016
Exploring how self-control training improves self-control performance: An experience sampling studyDr. CHOW Tak Sang, Jason2016
Is social media a distraction or an enhancement for organisations? A social media and team creativity model (SMTCM)Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine2016
Further Enhancement of Interdisciplinary Research at Hong Kong Shue Yan University through the Establishment of the Centre of Interdisciplinary Research in Evidence-Based PracticeProf. YEUNG Wing Kay, David2016
Phenomenology : a multidisciplinary dialogueDr. FU Wai2016
Visual evoked potential in contour integration taskDr. LI Wang On, Alex
Comprehension of dyslexic children
Women employment and child care research projectDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica2014
Future development of Yau Ma Tei fruit marketDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica2014
How Parents Choose Interest Classes for Their ChildrenDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica2015
Gambling problems of Youngsters in Macau 2014Dr. NG Chi Ho, Mark2014
Development of Enterprise Sustainability on Cloud Application in Fashion RetailsCHAN Chi On2013
Supporting Service to Children with Special Education NeedsProf. SUN Tien Lun, Catherine2012
Competitiveness of Youth in Hong KongDr. LEE Shu Kam2012
Research/Study and Drawing up Practical Guides on Good People Management Practices to promote Family Friendly Employment in the Catering IndustryDr. LEE Shu Kam2014
ICADIWT 2015 Conference in Macau and Hong KongDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2014
Pictorial History of Kowloon Chamber of CommerceDr. AU Chi Kin2014
Development of E- Learning of “China and Gobalization”Dr. AU Chi Kin2014
Chaozhou Hungry Ghosts Festival in Hong KongProf. CHAN Ching, Selina2014
Breaking Through the Barriers – Ethnic Minority Success Stories and Their Implications for Policy Intervention in Hong KongDr. LAU Pui Yan, Flora2014
Property Distribution and Community Life in Rural Land Development: the New Urban Frontier of Western ChinaDr. SONG Jing2014
Evaluation of Project "Positive Life of Youth Paricipants 2015" = 東區積極人生計劃2015Dr. AU Wing Kwong2015
Research on The Fukien Culture in Hong KongDr. AU Chi Kin2015