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Posttreatment life planning and relapse prevention: An effectiveness study of an integrative model of vocational life design for young rehabilitated drug abusersDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth2019-2021
Service review for Forget Thee Not personalized funeral and home palliative care supportDr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo2019-2020
Evaluation of the mindfulness-based intervention for current or ex-drug abusers with alcohol problemDr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond2019-2021
The Chinese diaspora of Southeast Asia and Hong KongDr. HUI Yew-Foong2019-2022
儒商典範: 田家炳先生研究及建立資料庫Dr. AU Chi Kin2019-2021
Audience survey on the penetration of RTHK's digital terrestrial television in Hong KongWAN Kwok Fai2019-2021
香港基督徒的靈命, 社會參與及心理健康的研究 = A study on Hong Kong Christians' social and religious participation and psychological well-beingDr. LEE Shu Kam2019-2020
杜葉錫恩女士之研究: 其對香港教育影響之研究及電子數據資料庫之建立Dr. AU Chi Kin2020-2021
Provision of services for developing case studies with data-response questions and conducting professional development programmes for enriching teachers' knowledge of recent economic developmentDr. LEE Shu Kam2020-2021
Youth gambling prevalence in online gaming and eSports environment research (in collaboration with Hong Kong children and youth services)Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2020-2021
Three Chaozhou Hungry Ghosts Festival: Research and promotionProf. CHAN Ching, Selina2020-2023
Online face-to-face psychotherapy experience of psychotherapist trainees and clients under the COVID-19 crisis: An exploratory qualitative studyDr. PANG Lan-sze2020-2022
Examine Hong Kong consumers’ behaviors in live video streamingDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica2020-2021
Spurious moderated mediation effect: A methodological remedy = 虛假調解中介效應: 排除方法的探討NG Chi Kit, Jacky2020-2021
Untangling the Complexity of Customer Negative Brand Engagement in the Digital Era = 解構數碼時代中消費者對品牌的負面聯繫Dr. NG Chi Ho, Mark2020-2021
Empirical tests of economic integration and estimates of transaction costs: A study of belt and road initiative = 經濟融合的實証檢驗和交易費用的估算: 一帶一路倡議的研究Dr. WOO Kai Yin2020-2021
Developing and Validating Cloud Intelligence Assessment System on Identification on Developmental Dyslexia of Chinese Language = 建立和驗證雲端智能中文讀寫障礙檢測系統Dr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie2020-2021
Stress-Buffering Effects of Coping Strategies and Social Supports on Psychological Distress: A Longitudinal Panel Study of the Antecedents of Problematic Social Media Use = 應對策略及社會支援的中介作用: 一項與社交媒體「問題使用」成因的縱向研究Prof. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis2020-2021
Is time perception band-pass filtered? An examination of the aftereffect of time adaptation with rTMS = 時間感知是否會因應時間長短而有所不同?使用rTMS研究時間適應的後效應Dr. LI Wang On, Alex2020-2021
The mechanism of textual production and the poetic significance of the woodblock prints of selection of Tang poetry in the Edo period = 江戶時代《唐詩選》和刻本的文本生成與詩學意義Dr. HUI Kin Yip2021-2022
How do ethnic minorities cope with cancer in Hong Kong? The role of public health services, social network and religion = 香港少數族裔如何應付癌症:公共醫療、社交網絡和信仰所扮演的角色Dr. LAU Pui Yan, Flora2022-2023
Investigating the dynamic relations of the six self-compassion components with academic stress across Chinese primary, secondary, and university students in Hong Kong: A longitudinal study = 以縱向研究探討自我關懷的六個元素與本港華人大中小學生的學習壓力的動態關聯Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2021-2022
A study of the Hong Kong colonial government's policy to Chinese burials (1945-1997) = 港英殖民政府對華人殯葬政策的研究(1945-1997)Dr. CHAU Chi Fung2021-2022
A unifying framework for structural efficiency measurement: Theories and applications = 結構效率測量的統一框架:理論與應用Dr. LEE Shu Kam2021-2022
Heritagizing the Qingyuan mushroom cultivation system: Understanding agricultural heritage construction and sustainability in China using the actor-network theory = 從行動者網絡理論觀點探討農業文化遺產的建構和可持續性﹕以浙江慶元香菇栽培系統為例Dr. MAK Sau Wa2021-2022
The imagination and literary practice of a "third world" Hong Kong: The introduction and appropriation of the Latin American literature in the 1970s Hong Kong = 香港文學的「第三世界」想像與實踐:1970年代香港文學對拉丁美洲文學的譯介與挪用Dr. Wong Ka Ki2021-2022
Development and pilot test for an AI-based mobile app to act as speech language pathology robot for long-term treatment of Cantonese-speaking children with development speech sound disorders = 開發和試點測試人工智能的手機應用程式來擔當言語語言病理學機器人來長期治療患有發展性構音障礙的粵語兒童Dr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie2021-2022
Preparing for the launching of Esports: An interdisciplinary and holistic perspective in prevention of teenage gaming addiction problem based on Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological model in the era of EsportsDr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie2021-2023
Hong Kong as the pioneer disseminating the information on the West to the East: Retrace and reinterpret the intellectual source for China’s and Japan’s modernization in the second half of the 19th century = 香港是向東方傳播西方信息的先驅:重溯重釋十九世紀後半葉中日近代化思想之起源Prof. WEI Chuxiong2022-2023
Settlement towns built on the north-eastern steppe of Inner Mongolia during Khitan-Liao and their impact on Chinese history: A new inquiry on Touxia = 契丹-遼王朝建立在內蒙古東北草原上的定居城鎮及其對中國歷史的影響:對「投下」的新探究Prof. YANG Ruowei2022-2023
The effect of abnormal structural and functional resting-state connectivity in prefrontal cortex and increased exposure to traffic-related air pollutants on schizotypy = 前額葉灰質量及功能性連結和交通有關的空氣污染物對精神分裂型人格特質的影響Dr. LAM Yin-Hung, Bess2022-2023
Quality transition strategies facilitating the transition from teenage to adulthood for persons with intellectual disabilities and their family carers = 協助智障青少年過渡至成人就業服務的優質策略研究Dr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty2022-2023
The interactions of L1 and L2 tonal systems in Mandarin-Cantonese late bilinguals = 普通話-廣東話成年雙語者一語二語聲調系統的相互作用Dr. YANG Yike2022-2023
Understanding the new solidarities and public roles of transnational Chinese Buddhist organizations by movement organization theory = 運動組織理論視角下的跨國中國佛教組織凝聚力和公共角色研究Dr. HUANG Weishan2022-2023
Mapping the grey digital divide and diversity in older ICT users post-COVID: A mixed-method research informing service and policy development = 測繪後疫情的長者數碼鴻溝及資訊科技用戶多樣性:協助制定服務及政策發展的混合研究Dr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo2022-2023
Human resilience, life adversity, and adaptation to life course transitions from early adulthood to late middle adulthood = 抗逆力,生活逆境,和早期成年到晚期成年的生活適應Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine2022-2023
Constructing an Interdisciplinary Research Platform at Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityDr. HU Fai Chung2015
Understanding the Pillars of Hong Kong Economy – Tourism and Retail Sector – Interactive Learning ProgramDr. LEE Shu Kam2009
Executive function skills and early school success in young Chinese children from low-income families = 華人低收入家庭幼童的執行功能技巧與早期學習成就Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2015
In-role and extra-role knowledge sharing among information technology professionals: A self-determination perspectiveDr. CUI Xiling, Celine2015
The missing link: An investigation of Moism, the School of Names, and the School of Diplomats, and their place in the history of ancient Chinese psychologyDr. FU Wai2015
In face of life's problems, what does religion mean? Assessing rational choice theory with evidence from Catholic case studiesDr. HO Yuk Ying, Irene2015
Trauma, Memory, And Healing in Modern Asian LiteratureDr. JAYAWICKRAMA Sharanya2015
Risk yet to be socially realized: Light Pollution in Hong KongDr. LAM Yee Man2015
Nonlinear Cointegration and Relevant Market Definition: A Study of Grocery MarketsDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
Hong Kong Journalists' Oral HistoryProf. LEUNG Tin Wai2015
Angry is not that Angry: Relativity of Emotion Perception and New Development of Emotional Expressions PhotobankDr. LO Lap Yan2015
Religion and Community Development in Hong Kong - Teaching Support and Development ProgrammeDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
The Oral History for the Lamma IslandDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Project for the Documentation of Bukit Brown and Seh Ong CemeteriesDr. HUI Yew-Foong2011