Revisiting public relations functions and values in the digital era = 探討數碼年代公共關係的功能和價值

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Confusion and conflict have emerged on the relationship between public relations and marketing both theoretically and practically in the past few decades. Recent research has highlighted the discrepancy of public relations functions and public relations values between the professions of public relations and marketing. Stepping into the digital era, it is critical to examine the use of social media by public relations practitioners in Hong Kong and how interactivity brings similarities and differences to public relations functions and values in the professions of public relations and marketing. This research will use a coorientation framework to explore how the two groups of professionals (Public Relations VS. Marketing) perceive the public relations values they could attain, and the public relations functions and interactivity function they performed. A two-stage analysis, which involves both an empirical survey and a series of in-depth interviews targeting at public relations and marketing professionals, will be conducted to finalize a Public Relations Function Index in the digital era. The findings will generate both theoretical and practical contributions to the understanding of the public relations and marketing professions in Hong Kong.
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12018數碼公關意見調查結果唐淑莊博士 ; 陳芳怡 ; 彭芷晴 Research Report