In-role and extra-role knowledge sharing among information technology professionals: A self-determination perspective

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Faculty Development Scheme
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24 months
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Knowledge sharing (KS) has become a critical issue for information technology professionals. However, some findings of previous research on the antecedents of KS are not consistent, which suggests that the nature of the KS may differ. Therefore, we aim to investigate the different types of KS and their antecedents in this study. Based on the literature review, we propose two types of KS among information technology professionals, namely, in-role and extra-role KS. We also investigate their antecedents based on self-determination theory and their consequences. We hypothesise that extrinsic, introjected and intrinsic rewards, beneficial and relationship reciprocity, and self-efficacy influence the two proposed types of KS behaviour in different ways based on their different natures. Furthermore, the two forms of sharing behaviour are expected to influence performance at both the group and organisational levels.