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12011Psychological responses and resilience following life adversitiesProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
22012The role of resilience in dementia and geriatric rehabilitationProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
32007Antenatal depression in early pregnancy predicts poor maternal-fetal attachmentLee, Antoinette ; Lam, Siu Keung ; Chan, Chui Yi ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Leung, Kwok Yin Presentation
42008Posttraumatic stress symptoms in childbirth and reproductive loss among Chinese womenProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Yan, Elsie Chau-wai ; Chung, Tony K. H. Presentation
52008Effects of sexual abuse prevention programs for Chinese children and adolescentsProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
62008Elder abuseProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
72016The study on the relationship between expectant fathers perceived stress and expectant parents depressive symptoms from early pregnancy to six week postpartum in Hong KongKoh, Yvaine Yee Woen ; Chan, Chui Yi ; Lee, Antoinette ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Yeung, Wei-Jun, Jean ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.ex-staff.iconConference Paper
82007The impact of disordered eating before pregnancy and unhappiness about being pregnant on disordered eating in the 1st trimesterChan, Chui Yi ; Lee, Antoinette ; Lam, Siu Keung ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Leung, Kwok Yin Presentation
92007Abuse experience before and during pregnancy and their relationship with antenatal depression and disordered eating symptomsLee, Antoinette ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Chan, Chui Yi ; Lam, Siu Keung ; Leung, Kwok Yin Presentation
102007Psychological correlates of cyber addiction among Hong Kong adolescentsYeung, N. ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.ex-staff.icon; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Cheung, Francis Yue Lok Conference Paper