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Dr. CAI Shengdan
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Digital Heritage
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Memory Studies
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Cai, S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Social augmented reality: Communicating via cultural heritageCh'ng, Eugene ; Dr. CAI Shengdan ; Feng, Pinyuan ; Cheng, Danzhao Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22023Preserving and exhibiting intangible cultural heritage via virtual museum: A case study of the Hungry Ghosts Festival in Hong KongProf. CHAN Ching, Selina ; Dr. CAI Shengdan Conference Paper
32021Balancing Performance and Effort in Deep Learning via the Fusion of Real and Synthetic Cultural Heritage Photogrammetry Training SetsCh’ng, E. ; Feng, P. ; Yao, H. ; Zeng, Z ; Cheng, D. ; Dr. CAI Shengdan Conference Paper
42020The Effects of VR Environments on the Acceptance, Experience, and Expectations of Cultural Heritage LearningCh'ng, Eugene ; Li, Yue ; Dr. CAI Shengdan ; Leow, Fui-Theng Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52020Methods for Evaluating the Adoption and Use of Digital Technologies in GLAMsEugene Ch’ng ; Dr. CAI Shengdan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62019Adoption and use of emerging cultural technologies in China’s museumsCh’ng, Eugene ; Dr. CAI Shengdan ; Leow, Fui-Theng ; Zhang, Tong Evelyn Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72019Datasets from the evaluation of the adoption and use of digital technologies in China museumsEugene Ch'ng ; Dr. CAI Shengdan ; Fui-Theng Leow ; Tong Evelyn Zhang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82019Crowdsourcing 3D cultural heritage: best practice for mass photogrammetryCh’ng, Eugene ; Dr. CAI Shengdan ; Zhang, Tong Evelyn ; Leow, Fui-Then Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92018A comparison of the capacities of VR and 360-Degree video for coordinating memory in the experience of cultural heritageDr. CAI Shengdan ; Eugene Ch’ng ; Yue Li Conference Paper