Prof. CHAN Ching, Selina

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Academic Vice President
Associate Director, Contemporary China Research Centre
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Kinship and Lineage
Colonialism and Identities
Religion and Tourism
Cultural heritage and Collective memories
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12019舊城回憶: 卅間街坊盂蘭勝會陳蒨教授 Book Chapter
22019Creepy no more: Inventing the Chaozhou Hungry Ghosts Cultural Festival in Hong KongProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32019Tea cafés and the Hong Kong identity: Food culture and hybridityProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42018Heritagizing the Chaozhou Hungry Ghosts Festival in Hong KongProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Chapter
52017香港的民間傳統風俗陳蒨教授 Book Chapter
62017Moral taste: Food for ghosts in Hong Kong's Chaozhou hungry ghosts festivalProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72016香港金紫荊廣場: 身分認同爭議陳蒨教授 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82015潮籍盂蘭勝會: 非物質文化遺產、集體回憶與身份認同陳蒨教授 Book
92015Building temples in China: memories, tourism, and identitiesProf. CHAN Ching, Selina ; Lang, Graeme Book
102014Book review: Puer tea: Ancient caravans and urban chicProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Review
112014香港潮人盂蘭勝會: 中國非物質文化遺產與身份認同陳蒨教授 Book Chapter
122014文化遺產與生態遺產: 建構與持續發展利用 (導論)陳蒨教授 Book Chapter
132014生態與文化遺產: 中日及港台的經驗與研究陳蒨教授 ; 祖運輝 ; 區志堅博士 Book
142012Book review: Faiths on display: Religion, tourism, and the Chinese stateProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Review
152012Terroir and green tea in China: The case of Meijiawu Dragon Well (Longjing) teaProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Chapter
162012Proceedings of the 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Studies AssociationConference Proceedings
172011Temples as enterprisesProf. CHAN Ching, Selina ; Lang, Graeme Book Chapter
182011Small entrepreneurs in China: Selling Longjing tea in HangzhouProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Chapter
192011Cultural governance and place-making in Taiwan and ChinaProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202010Pawnshops in Singapore: Traditional microfinance in a modern societyProf. CHAN Ching, Selina ; Owyong, David T. Book Chapter

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Diversity in Hong Kong: Exploring the Ethnic, Cultural and Religious Dimensions707, Library Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University29-04-201629-04-2016Workshop
Memories and Heritage in AsiaHong Kong Shue Yan University16-03-201516-03-2015Workshop
International Conference on Sustainable Conservation and Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Japan and China: Comparative Studies and Cross-Sectoral DialogueHong Kong Shue Yan University25-11-201327-11-2013Conference
Seminar on fieldwork and interview skills: Yulan Festival in Hong Kong707, Library Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University16-08-201216-08-2012Seminar