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Oct-2021Generalized dynamic games with durable strategies under uncertain planning horizonProf. YEUNG Wing Kay, David ; Petrosyan, Leon A. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Jul-2021Determinants of carbon emission in China: How good is green investment?Li, Zheng-Zheng ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Malik, Muhammad Yousaf ; Murshed, Muntasir ; Khan, Zeeshan ; Umar, Muhammad Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Jul-2021Is centralization killing innovation? The success story of technological innovation in fiscally decentralized countriesChi, Meiqing ; Muhammad, Sulaman ; Khan, Zeeshan ; Ali, Shahid ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Mar-2021Collaborative environmental management for transboundary air pollution problems: A differential levies gameProf. YEUNG Wing Kay, David ; Zhang, Yingxuan ; Bai, Hongtao ; Islam, Sardar M. N. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Mar-2021Responsible urban innovation with local government artificial intelligence (AI): A conceptual framework and research agendaYigitcanlar, Tan ; Corchado, Juan M. ; Mehmood, Rashid ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Mossberger, Karen ; Desouza, Kevin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021How does fiscal decentralization affect CO2 emissions? The roles of institutions and human capitalKhan, Zeeshan ; Ali, Shahid ; Dong, Kangyin ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Research on innovative teaching mode of art education in the age of convergence of mediaMa, Zhiyuan ; Guan, Jingjing ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: Pressing realities and city managementDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Yue, Xiao-Guang ; Crabbe, M. James C. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Does formal or informal institution prevail regarding the perception of wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic? Evidence from French tweetsDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Pu, Ruihui ; Chankoson, Thitinan ; Song, Lingxi Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Author correction: Microscopic and mechanical properties of undisturbed and remoulded red clay form Guiyang, ChinaZhang, Yanzhao ; Pu, Shaoyun ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Zhang, Jing Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Dynamics analysis and fractional-order approximate entropy of nonlinear inventory management systemsLei, Tengfei ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Fu, Haiyan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Evidence on PPP with China along the belt and road using the three-regime TAR cointegration testsDr. WOO Kai Yin ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Shum, Paul Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Shapley value for differential network games: Theory and applicationPetrosyan, Leon ; Prof. YEUNG Wing Kay, David Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020Review on efficiency and anomalies in stock marketsDr. WOO Kai Yin ; Mai, Chulin ; McAleer, Michael ; Wong, Wing-keung Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020Risk management analysis for Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, ChinaYue, Xiao-Guang ; Shao, Xue-Feng ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Crabbe, M. James C. ; Mi, Lili ; Hu, Siyan ; Baker, Julien S. ; Liang, Gang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020What do we know about housing supply? The case of Hong Kong SARLeung, Charles Ka Yui ; Ng, Cho-yiu, Joe ; Dr. TANG Chi Ho, Edward Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020Fast AI classification for analyzing construction accidents claimsDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Li, H. C. Y. ; Tang, B. ; Au, W. C. Conference Paper
2020Experimental study on the mechanical properties of Guiyang red clay considering the meso micro damage mechanism and stress pathZhang, Yanzhao ; Zuo, Shuangying ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Mo, Yunchuan ; Yang, Guosheng ; Zhang, Min Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020An economic-business approach to clinical risk managementComite, Ubaldo ; Dong, Kechen ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Crabbe, M. James C. ; Shao, Xue-Feng ; Yue, Xiao-Guang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020Models for oil refinery waste management using determined and fuzzy conditionsZhumadillayeva, Ainur ; Orazbayev, Batyr ; Santeyeva, Saya ; Dyussekeyev, Kanagat ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Crabbe, M. James C. ; Yue, Xiao-Guang Peer Reviewed Journal Article