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12023Relationship between green leaders' emotional intelligence and employees' green behavior: A PLS-SEM approachHu, Xiao ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Kumari, Kalpina ; Belgacem, Samira Ben ; Fu, Qinghua ; Khan, Mohammed Arshad ; Alkhuraydili, Abdulaziz A. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22023The cultivation effect of architectural heritage YouTube videos on perceived destination imageSong, Lingxi ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Wareewanich, Thitinant Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32023Weibo users and academia's foci on tourism safety: Implications from institutional differences and digital divideZeng, Liyun ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Zeng, Huiling Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42023Artificial intelligence in local government services: Public perceptions from Australia and Hong KongYigitcanlar, Tan ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Beeramoole, Prithvi Bhat ; Paz, Alexander Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52023Perception of sponge city for achieving circularity goal and hedge against climate change: a study on WeiboZeng, Liyun ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Zeng, Huiling ; Song, Lingxi Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62023Understanding local government digital technology adoption strategies: A PRISMA reviewDavid, Anne ; Yigitcanlar, Tan ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Corchado, Juan M. ; Cheong, Pauline Hope ; Mossberger, Karen ; Mehmood, Rashid Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72023Uncovering PM2.5 transport trajectories and sources at district within city scaleShan, Mei ; Wang, Yuan ; Lu, Yaling ; Liang, Chen ; Wang, Tingyu ; Li, Linyan ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82023Analyzing subway operation accidents causations: Apriori algorithm and network approachesDeng, Yongliang ; Dr. ZHANG Yingxuan, Cynthia ; Yuan, Zhenmin ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Gu, Tiantian Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92023Decision making under incomplete data: Intuitionistic multi fuzzy ideals of near-ring approachBatool, Nadia ; Hussain, Sadaqat ; Kausar, Nasreen ; Munir, Mohammed ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Khan, Salma Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102023Editorial: Social media, artificial intelligence and carbon neutralityDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Crabbe, M. James C. ; Shao, Xuefeng Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112023A study on public perceptions of carbon neutrality in China: Has the idea of ESG been encompassed?Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Wang, Qianqian ; Zeng, Liyun ; Chen, Hong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
122023Research on the development and joint improvement of ceramsite lightweight high-titanium heavy slag concrete precast composite slabSun, Jinkun ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Jiao, Tao ; Wang, Senping ; Deng, Chenxi ; Zeng, Liyun Peer Reviewed Journal Article
132023Public opinion mining on construction health and safety: Latent dirichlet allocation approachZeng, Liyun ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Yigitcanlar, Tan ; Zeng, Huiling Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142023Remote sensing data processing process scheduling based on reinforcement learning in cloud environmentDu, Ying ; Zhang, Shuo ; Cheng, Pu ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Yue, Xiao-Guang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152023Intelligent transformation and customer concentrationMao, Jinzhou ; Zhao, Yueyang ; Yang, Siying ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Abbas, Jawad Peer Reviewed Journal Article
162023Adjustment of self-initiated and organizational expatriates: The moderating role of cross-cultural trainingNoman, Muhammad ; Sial, Muhammad Safdar ; Samad, Sarminah ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Shi, Miao Peer Reviewed Journal Article
172022Artificial intelligent technologies for the construction industry: How are they perceived and utilized in Australia?Regona, Massimo ; Yigitcanlar, Tan ; Xia, Bo ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article
182022Opportunities and adoption challenges of AI in the construction industry: A PRISMA reviewRegona, Massimo ; Yigitcanlar, Tan ; Xia, Bo ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192022Economic development and construction safety research: A bibliometrics approachLuo, Fansong ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Crabbe, M. James C. ; Pu, Ruihui Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202022Construction safety and health hazard awareness in Web of Science and Weibo between 1991 and 2021Zeng, Liyun ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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State of the art research in artificial intelligence and ubiquitous cityOnline Zoom06-04-202008-04-2020Seminars
International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 201717-07-201721-07-2017Conference