Ocular behaviour, construction hazard awareness and an AI chatbot

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Ocular behaviour, construction hazard awareness and an AI chatbot
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Research Grants Council
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Faculty Development Scheme
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24 months
According to the latest statistics released by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, the construction industry records the highest accident rates in Hong Kong. Amongst the nine fatal industrial accidents in 2018, eight came from the construction industry. As many accidents are caused by a lack of safety awareness, it is vital to consider some viable approach to improve that. Likewise, while the development of artificial intelligence is in full throttle, the construction industry is falling behind the curve. Thus, we aim to study the factors that affect the safety awareness and the application of artificial intelligence to enhance it.

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12019Developing a database to capture, store and share fall-related safety knowledge to enhance fall prevention in construction industryVignesh Kumar, C. ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Liias, Roode ; Salve, Urmi Ravindra Conference Paper
22019Knowledge sharing and hazard awareness in the construction industry: a global perspectiveDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Abankwa, Derek A. ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Lu, Weisheng Wilson ; Lee, Lai Man ; Leung, Wing Yin ; Ding, Meilin Conference Paper
32019Ocular behavior in construction hazard decision making process: Is neuroeconomics or classical economic theory closer to the reality?Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Conference Paper