Tsang, Chun Kei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Understanding resource deployment efficiency for ESG and financial performance: A DEA approachCheng, Louis T. W. ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Li, Sung Ko ; Tsang, Chun Kei Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22022What is an optimal allocation in Hong Kong stock, real estate, and money markets: An individual asset, efficient frontier portfolios, or a Naive portfolio? Is this a new financial anomaly?Lv, Zhihui ; Tsang, Chun Kei ; Wagner, Niklas F. ; Wong, Wing-keung Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32021Sustainable development of the China tourism sector: Implications from technical and scale efficiency measurementsLi, Sung Ko ; Tsang, Chun Kei ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42019觀塘行人網絡的改善方案研究報告李樹甘博士 ; 曾俊基 ; 高朗賢 ; 麥希燁 Other Article
52017The diagnostic criteria of gambling disorder of DSM-5 in Chinese culture: By confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and item response theory (IRT)Chui, Wing-Yip ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Mok, Yuk-Lan ; Tsang, Chun Kei Book Chapter
62016Father involvement in Hong Kong: By multitrait-multimethod model and item response theory (IRT)Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Chui, Wing Yip ; Tsang, Chun Kei Peer Reviewed Journal Article