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12018Biometrics analysis on hazard awareness of construction workersDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Leung, Ta Ho ; Au, Wai Cheung Tommy Conference Paper
22017Factors which affect construction safety in different types of construction workDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Tang, Beiqi Conference Paper
32019Construction hazard awareness and construction safety knowledge sharing epistemologyDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Lu, Weisheng ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Shoaib, Muhammad ; Li, Meng Conference Paper
42019A research agenda for neuroactivities in construction safety knowledge sharing, hazard identification and decision makingDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Lu, Weisheng ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel Conference Paper
52017Wearable robotics, industrial robots and construction worker's safety and healthDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Ng, Ping Lung Daniel Conference Paper
62020Remote sensing, heat island effect and housing price prediction via autoMLDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Li, Ching Yu, Herru ; Zeng, Fanjie ; Tang, Beiqi ; Ding, Meilin Conference Paper
72020Building updated research agenda by investigating papers indexed on Google scholar: A natural language processing approachDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Conference Paper
82019Computer vision and hybrid reality for construction safety risks: A pilot studyDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Leung, Tat Ho Conference Paper
92013The shadow of Eurozone sovereign debt crisis kept the Eastern dragon's property away from sunshine? Time series analysis on the impact of negative externality in China's property market by EView 7 softwareDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Wong, Tak Tin Conference Paper
102012Knowledge management, sharing and creation in developing countries' banking industriesDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Conference Paper