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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Structuring logical relations in workplace English telephone negotiationDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22019University e-learning platform: Exploring patterns of lexical stance markers in online group discussionDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Presentation
3Mar-2018Functions of frequently used back channels in a corpus of intercultural conversations between Hong Kong Chinese (HKC) and native English speakers (NES)Dr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42018Exploring university students' peer review competence: A preliminary study of cognitive and affective feedback in language assessmentDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Presentation
52018Peer assessment in ELT: A critical evaluation of peer review written by L2 learners in a private university in Hong KongDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Presentation
62017"Maam, let me tell you our story": Analyzing interpersonal relationship and recount structure in American-Filipino call centre complaint conversationsDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Conference Paper
72017Construing negotiation: The role of voice quality features in American-Filipino business telephone conversationsDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Peer Reviewed Journal Article
810-Apr-2015Professional discourse analysis: Specific language features in telephone communication breakdownDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Conference Paper
92010Call centre discourse: Graduation in relation to voice quality and attitudinal profileDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Book Chapter
102008The exchange of interpersonal meaning in call centre conversationsDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Working Paper

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
ELTU Conference 2019: Alternative Approaches to English Language Learning and TeachingThe Chinese University of Hong Kong27-05-201928-05-2019Conference
2018 International Conference on Bilingual Learning and TeachingThe Open University of Hong Kong25-10-201827-10-2018Conference
The International Conference on "English Lauguage Education in the Chinese Context"04-05-201805-05-2018Conference
Doing Research in Applied Linguistics 3 & 19th English in South-East Asia Conference 2017 (DRAL3/19th ESEA)King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand22-06-201724-06-2017Conference
First International Conference on Linguistics and Language StudiesCaritas Institute of Higher Education09-04-201510-04-2015Conference