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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
120161911: Cinematic contradictions of greater ChinaDr. CHEUNG Siu-Keung Book Chapter
22019Adolescent drug abuse in Hong Kong: Prevalence, psychosocial correlates, and preventionProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah ; Cheung, Nicole W. T. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32014Advocating the rights of people with disabilities in China: A community-based rehabilitation approachDr. LAU Pui Yan, Flora Book Chapter
41997Alcohol and other drug use in the Punjabi community in Peel, Ontario: Experiences in ethnocultural harm reductionProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah ; Weber, Timothy R. ; Biring, Purvi Book Chapter
51995Alcohol use: A general profileProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah Book Chapter
61993Approaches to ethnicity: Clearing roadblocks in the study of ethnicity and substance useProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72020Bereavement and lossDr. LAU Pui Yan, Flora Book Chapter
82020Between nations: The political liminality of the Aceh ChineseDr. HUI Yew-Foong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92021Beyond ketamine: narratives of risk among young psychoactive drug users in Hong KongDr. LI Hang ; Prof. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah Peer Reviewed Journal Article
101993Beyond liver and culture: A review of theories and research in drinking among Chinese in North AmericaProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112012Book review: Faiths on display: Religion, tourism, and the Chinese stateProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Review
122007Book review: Gender and community under British colonialism: Emotion, struggle, and politics in a Chinese villageProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Review
132006Book review: Made in China: Women factory workers in a global workplaceProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
141995Book review: Marriage and inequality in Chinese societyProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Review
152018Book review: On Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and nation among the Sino-BurmeseDr. HUI Yew-Foong ; Chang, Wen-Chin ; Roberts, Jayde Lin Book Review
162014Book review: Puer tea: Ancient caravans and urban chicProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Book Review
172017Book Review: The other milk: Reinventing soy in republican ChinaDr. MAK Sau Wa Book Review
182005Bridal laments in rural Hong KongDr. HO Yuk Ying, Irene Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192009A brighter side: Protective and risk factors in the rehabilitation of chronic drug abusers in Hong KongProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah Book
202014Bring the subjective back in: Resource and husband-to-wife physical assault among Chinese couples in Hong KongProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah ; Choi, Susanne Yuk-Ping ; Cheung, Adam Ka-Lok Peer Reviewed Journal Article