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Dr. HUANG Weishan
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Research Interests
Sociology of religion
Urban sociology
Transnational sociology
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Xin 信 in the discourse on conversion among Tzuchians in ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
22023Comparative urbanism and religionBurchardt, Marian ; Dr. HUANG Weishan Conference Paper
32023On "Urban Buddhism" (dushi fojiao 都市佛教)Dr. HUANG Weishan Conference Paper
42022Negotiating secularity under the condition of urban gentrification: An spatial analysis of downtown buddhist temples in ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Conference Paper
52022Secularity and urban gentrification: An spatial Analysis of downtown buddhist temples in ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62021The sinicization of buddhism and its competing reinventions of traditionDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
72021Buddhist environmentalism and civic engagement in secular ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
82019閔行區龍音寺田野筆記: 試從比丘尼訪談敘述分析佛教復興的政治與宗教邏輯黃維珊博士 Other Article
92019都市佛教新貌: 關於都市志願服務興起和以寺院為中心的義工的一些思考黃維珊博士 Book Chapter
102019Globalization as a tactic: legal campaigns of the Falun Gong diasporaDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
112019Urban restructuring and temple agency: a case study of the Jing'an templeDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
122018The place of socially engaged Buddhism in China: Emerging religious identity in the local community of urban ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
132018From structural separation to religious incorporation: A case study of a transnational buddhist group in Shanghai, ChinaDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
142017Sustainable development and karma logistics: The moral discourse of reformed buddhism and capital-linked business professionals in ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
152017Public buddhist philosophy: Civic engagement and discursive space among a religious group in ShanghaiDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
162016WeChat together about the buddha: The construction of sacred space and religious community in Shanghai through social mediaDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
172016菩薩出櫃: 城市、監管與宗教實踐黃維珊博士 Book Chapter
182012Diversity and competition: Politics and conflict in new immigrant communitiesDr. HUANG Weishan Book Chapter
192012Ecologies of faith in New York city: The evolution of religious institutionsEdited Book

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