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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)DepartmentType
2017Tackling rumination by self-affirmation essay in Hong Kong young adulthoodPo, Wing Ho Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017Taoism work values, work supports, and intrinsic job motivation among Hong Kong employeesShek, Wing Suen, Joanne Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017Taste and touchChan, Pik Yiu Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2012Teachers' perceptions of counselling : counselling values and guidance programmes in primary schools of Hong KongFung Sui Fun Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2013Test anxiety, perfectionism, optimism, and locus of control in Hong Kong post-elementary studentsCheung, Arthur Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017Testing price convergence in the UK supermarket industry : a multivariate cointegration analysis孔祥運 Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2016Testing the effectiveness of predictive measures of housing price in Hong KongWai, Kwan Yee Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2020Through the gratitude to enhance a relationshipChainakhon, Suet Man Thesis
2008To be or not to be : a case study of beauty consumption and patriarchal systemNg, Wai Ching ; 吳慧晶 Department of SociologyThesis
2019To develop the Mainland Chinese immigrant children's self-confidence and communication skills through drama groupMan, Wing Yuk Thesis
2007To examine the relationship between the emotional intelligence and consumer behavior of the junior secondary school students in Hong KongLam, Ling Kiu Department of Social WorkThesis
2007To explore the effectiveness on house-tree-person projective drawing to assist emotional expression of mild in tellectual disability peopleTsang, Yu Hong Department of Social WorkThesis
2017To explore the relationship among superstition, psychical satisfaction, self-regulatory, and adoption of Feng ShuiTsang, Wing Yi Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2020To investigate how motivation affects one with light traits personality / dark traits personality on their volunteer participationWong, Ka Po Thesis
2017To see with eyes unclouded : deep ecology, ecofeminism, and Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) and Princess Mononoke (1997)Leung, Chun Kit Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis
2021To write / to be written: exploration of female identity in western erotic literatureTo, Wing Yan, Momoko Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis
2019Tools for counsellors assisting adolescents on handling parental depressionHo, Kai Chung Thesis
2010Transformation of school bullying : a close look of Japan school bullying environment through its TV drama吳嘉宜 Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2020Transgenerational transmission of play & playfulnessTsoi, Huan Hua Thesis
2015Translators' perception and portrayal of images : a comparative study of Chinese translations of Vladimir Nabokov's LolitaSo, Wan Ting Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis