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Title: Through the gratitude to enhance a relationship
Authors: Chainakhon, Suet Man 
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Hong Kong: Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Abstract: In Hong Kong, most of the children have pressure toward their interpersonal relationships. This pressure would affect the children's future life and psychological status. Gratitude has proved to have positive effects on reducing stress and improve the relationship of a person effectively. Therefore, I used different methods in this group, such as discussion plot, facial puzzle, Scavenger Hunt, Etc. Then to educate the children about fostering gratitude and applying gratitude in daily life. Moreover, I used a focus group and the Gratitude Questionnaire-Six Item Form (GQ-6) to collect data in the measurement. The result is a significant improvement; most children reflect that they can enhance their gratitude level and know-how to maintain a relationship through the group.
Description: 61 pages
Type: Thesis
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