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Title: To investigate how motivation affects one with light traits personality / dark traits personality on their volunteer participation
Authors: Wong, Ka Po 
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Hong Kong: Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Abstract: There is a growing concern in setting up volunteer group and promoting volunteerism at the company level. 215 adults in a construction company of China background were invited to participate, 193 valid response was used to investigate the relationship of Light Traits Personality, Dark Traits Personality, motivations, and volunteer participation. We found that introjected regulation (a kind of external motivation) showed a signification moderation effect between people with Dark Traits Personality and volunteer participation. The presence of significant others is critical in mobilizing people with both high or low Dark Traits Personality, low in Machiavellianism and high in Narcissism to volunteer. However, the present of motivation did not moderation the relationship between people with Light Traits Personality and volunteer participation, as well as Psychopathy and volunteer participation. Introjected regulation strategies are suggested to promote volunteerism in a company level.
Description: [34] pages
Type: Thesis
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