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12018Biometrics analysis on hazard awareness of construction workersDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Leung, Ta Ho ; Au, Wai Cheung Tommy Conference Paper
22018Construction safety knowledge sharing by Internet of Things, Web 2.0 and mobile apps: Psychological and new institutional economics conceptual analysisDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Lu, Weisheng ; Leung, Tat Ho Conference Paper
32017Factors which affect construction safety in different types of construction workDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Tang, Beiqi Conference Paper
42019Construction hazard awareness and construction safety knowledge sharing epistemologyDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Lu, Weisheng ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Shoaib, Muhammad ; Li, Meng Conference Paper
52019A research agenda for neuroactivities in construction safety knowledge sharing, hazard identification and decision makingDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Lu, Weisheng ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel Conference Paper
62017Wearable robotics, industrial robots and construction worker's safety and healthDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Ng, Ping Lung Daniel Conference Paper
72020Fast AI classification for analyzing construction accidents claimsDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Li, H. C. Y. ; Tang, B. ; Au, W. C. Conference Paper
82020Remote sensing, heat island effect and housing price prediction via autoMLDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Li, Ching Yu, Herru ; Zeng, Fanjie ; Tang, Beiqi ; Ding, Meilin Conference Paper
92020Building updated research agenda by investigating papers indexed on Google scholar: A natural language processing approachDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Conference Paper
102019Computer vision and hybrid reality for construction safety risks: A pilot studyDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Leung, Tat Ho Conference Paper