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12019Brand heritage: A case study of Tong Ren TangDr. LEE Bernard Presentation
22017Customers' forbearance, the Chinese wayDr. LEE Bernard ; Yau, O. H. M. Presentation
32016An exploratory study of factors affecting women's promotion to senior management in Hong KongWan, J. ; Dr. LEE Bernard Presentation
42016孫中山與楊衢雲、謝纘泰平議莫世祥教授 Presentation
52016從革命群英至「總理領導國民革命」: 民國建元至抗戰前後國史教科書的表述區志堅博士 Presentation
62006Legal rules and audit qualityLee, Jevons Chi-Wen ; Dr. LEE Hua ; Wang, Taychang Presentation
72018Forbearance in the Chinese business settingDr. LEE Bernard ; Yau, O. H. M. Presentation
82011Incentive contracts and time pressure on audit judgment performanceDr. LEE Hua Presentation
99-Apr-2015English language proficiency and professional teacher identity development: A case study of a preservice EFL teacher in Hong KongDr. CHAN Wai Nga, Gloria Presentation
102019University e-learning platform: Exploring patterns of lexical stance markers in online group discussionDr. WAN Yau Ni, Jenny Presentation