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Title: The efficacy of the mobile application-based mindfulness mediation on adjustment of college students in Hong Kong: a randomized controlled trial
Authors: Dr. CHUI Chi Fai, Raymond 
Dr. SIU Yat-fan, Nicolson 
Tsui, Wai-Man 
Wong, Chloe Yuet-Tung 
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Singapore: Springer
Source: In Ma, W. W. K., Tong, K. W. & Tso, W. B. A. (eds.) (2020). Learning environment and design: current and future impacts (pp. 227-244). Singapore: Springer.
Abstract: Given the rapid development of information technologies, there is an increasing number of mobile application-based mindfulness interventions. Overseas studies have confirmed the positive effect of these interventions on well-being of both clinical and healthy samples. This study aims to explore whether the same effect can be produced on the adjustment of Hong Kong college students. A mobile-based randomized-controlled trial was conducted in this study for 21 days. College students were invited and randomly assigned to engage with the mindfulness intervention (n = 27) or a control group listening to classical music (n = 28). Results of repeated measures ANOVA indicated a small positive effect on college adjustment but no statistically significant effect on stress and mindfulness. Following the instruction of the application is positively associated with mindfulness and college adjustment. The results suggest that the usage of mobile application-based mindfulness intervention can only generate limited benefits to participants without support from instructors or therapists. The lack of motivation in self-guided well-being application may discourage the regular involvement in the intervention and fail to guarantee substantial positive outcomes.
Type: Book Chapter
ISBN: 9789811581670
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