Hou, Yun
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12024Spillover analysis on NFTs, NFT-affiliated tokens and NFT submarketsDr. HO Kin-Hon, Roy ; Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica ; Hou, Yun ; Chan,Tse-Tin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22024Exploring key properties and predicting price movements of cryptocurrency market using social network analysisDr. HO Kin-Hon, Roy ; Hou, Yun ; Georgiades, Michael ; Fong, Ken C. K. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32023Work in progress: An AI-assisted metaverse for computer science educationDr. HO Kin-Hon, Roy ; Hou, Yun ; Chu, Chun Fai Carlin ; Chan, Chi Kong ; Pan, Haoyuan ; Chan,Tse-Tin Conference Paper
42022Analysis of non-fungible token pricing factors with machine learningDr. HO Kin-Hon, Roy ; Hou, Yun ; Chan,Tse-Tin ; Pan, Haoyuan Conference Paper