Chen, Si
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1Apr-2022The effects of perceptual training on speech production of Mandarin sandhi tones by tonal and non-tonal speakersChen, Si ; Li, Bei ; He, Yunjuan ; Chen, Shuwen ; YANG Yike ; Zhou, Fang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22021Categorical perception of Mandarin pitch directions by Cantonese-speaking musicians and non-musiciansChen, Si ; YANG Yike ; Wayland, Ratree Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32020How musical experience affects tone perception efficiency by musicians of tonal and non-tonal speakers?Chen, Si ; Zhu, Yiqing ; Wayland, Ratree ; YANG Yike Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42019Mechanisms of tone sandhi rule application by tonal non-tonal non-native speakersChen, Si ; He, Yunjuan ; Wayland, Ratree ; YANG Yike ; Li, Bei ; Yuen, Chun Wah Peer Reviewed Journal Article