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12024The influence of neologisms from Mainland China on changes in the lexical semantics of Hong Kong CantoneseDr. YANG Yike ; Ho, Ho Kuen Conference Paper
22024A corpus-based comparative study on the semantics and collocations of meili and piaoliangSzeto, Ka Hei ; Dr. YANG Yike Conference Paper
32024Acoustic analyses of L1 and L2 vowel interactions in Mandarin-Cantonese late bilingualsDr. YANG Yike Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42023First language attrition and second language attainment of Mandarin-speaking immigrants in Hong Kong: Evidence from prosodic focusDr. YANG Yike Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52023Tonal and prosodic aspects of Cantonese spoken by mandarin-speaking immigrants in Hong KongDr. YANG Yike Conference Paper
62023國際期刊發表:論文選題、寫作與投稿心得楊一可博士 Presentation
72023L1 and L2 prosodic development of mandarin-cantonese bilingual immigrants in Hong KongDr. YANG Yike Presentation
82023Durational adjustment in Cantonese focus marking of native and non-native speakersDr. YANG Yike Conference Paper
92023Production of Cantonese tones by Mandarin-speaking immigrants: Acoustic and perceptual measurementsDr. YANG Yike ; Han, Dong ; Wong, Sze Man ; Chan, Chak Sum ; Leung, Chun Yeung ; Chen, Xiaocong Conference Paper
102023Talker normalisation of prosodic cues in non-native speakersLi, Bei ; Wong, Bruce Xiao ; Chen, Si ; Zhang, Caicai ; Lau, Puiyin ; Dr. YANG Yike Conference Paper
112023【樹仁手記】人類語言太獨特 交流深度超動物楊一可博士 Other Article
122023【樹仁手記】保育瀕危語言 留存歷史文化楊一可博士 Other Article
132023樹仁手記: 手語屬自然語言 語序詞彙有區別楊一可博士 Other Article
142023Effect of language dominance on the attrition of Mandarin vowels in Mandarin-Cantonese bilingualDr. YANG Yike ; Zhan, Zesong ; Zhang, Sichi Conference Paper
152023從聲調合併論香港粵語聲調的簡化趨勢黃思敏 ; 楊一可博士 Conference Paper
162023Language dominance influences L1 attrition and L2 acquisition of lexical tones: Data from Mandarin-speaking immigrants in Hong KongDr. YANG Yike Conference Paper
172022Acquisition of English plural marking by a Cantonese-English bilingual child: A corpus-based case studyLee, Wing Yin ; Dr. YANG Yike Peer Reviewed Journal Article
182022Modelling representations in speech normalization of prosodic cuesChen, Si ; Zhang, Caicai ; Lau, Puiyin ; Dr. YANG Yike ; Li, Bei Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192022The effects of perceptual training on speech production of Mandarin sandhi tones by tonal and non-tonal speakersChen, Si ; Li, Bei ; He, Yunjuan ; Chen, Shuwen ; Dr. YANG Yike ; Zhou, Fang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202022Does prosody influence segments differently in Cantonese and Mandarin? a case study of the open vowel /a/Dr. YANG Yike ; Chen, Si Conference Paper

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