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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023The People’s West Lake: Propaganda, Nature, and Agency in Mao’s China (1949-76)Prof. HE Qiliang Book
22023Working the System: Motion Picture, Filmmakers, and Subjectivities in Mao-Era China, 1949–1966Prof. HE Qiliang Book
32022Wu Xun, Song Jingshi, and Lin Zexu: Cinema and Historiography in Mao’s China (1949-1966)Prof. HE Qiliang ; Wang, Meng Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42022From Wu Xun to Lu Xun: Film, Stardom, and Subjectivity in Mao’s China (1949–1976)Prof. HE Qiliang ; Wang, Meng Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52021Cinema, Colonialism, and Contact Zone: The Movie Theater and City Governance in Early-Twentieth-Century ShanghaiProf. HE Qiliang ; Tan, Jie Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62021Afforestation, Propaganda, and Agency: The case of Hangzhou in Mao's ChinaProf. HE Qiliang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72021Watching Fish at the Flower Harbor’: Landscape, Space, and the Propaganda State in Mao’s ChinaProf. HE Qiliang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82021忘却的纪念:中国电影放映事业先驱雷玛斯考何其亮教授 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92020Historical Roundtable: Internationalizing Media History: The Curious Case of ChinaVolz, Yong ; Lee, Chin-Chuang ; Chen, Changfeng ; Prof. HE Qiliang ; Chin, Sei Jeong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102020Tomboy: New Womanhood, Stardom, and Chinese Cinema in the 1930sHuang, Wangli ; Prof. HE Qiliang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112020“盛出喪”: 民初上海城市景觀與大衆的興起何其亮教授 Book Chapter
122019黃慧如與陸根榮:彈詞戲曲文本與社會文化變遷何其亮教授 Book Chapter
132019評彈的曆史研究何其亮教授 Book Chapter
142019<賴婚>、保守主義與中國早期情節劇電影何其亮教授 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152019導論何其亮教授 Book Chapter
162018Feminism, women's agency, and communication in early twentieth-century China: The case of the Huang-Lu elopementProf. HE Qiliang Book
172018Feminism, Women’s Agency, and Communication in Early Twentieth-Century China—The Case of the Huang-Lu ElopementProf. HE Qiliang Book
182018Newspapers and the Journalistic Public in Republican China: 1917 as a Significant Year of JournalismProf. HE Qiliang Book
192017黃陸之愛:法律、媒體、大衆娛樂與二十年代末的保守思潮何其亮教授 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202016Spectacular Death: Sheng Xuanhuai's Funeral Procession in 1917Prof. HE Qiliang Peer Reviewed Journal Article