Ganotice F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12019How can students succeed in computer-supported interprofessional team-based learning? Understanding the underlying psychological pathways using Biggs' 3P modelDr. GANOTICE Fraide ; Chan, Lap Ki Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22018Construct validation of the English version of readiness for interprofessional learning scale (RIPLS): Are Chinese undergraduate students ready for 'shared learning'?Dr. GANOTICE Fraide ; Chan, LK Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32017The effect of interprofessional team-based learning among nursing students: A quasi-experimental studyWong, Arkers Kwan Ching ; Wong, Frances Kam Yuet ; Chan, Lap Ki ; Chan, Namkiu ; Dr. GANOTICE Fraide ; Ho, Jacqueline Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42017Enhancing parent-child relationship through dialogic readingDr. GANOTICE Fraide ; Downing, Kevin ; Mak, Teresa ; Chan, Barbara ; Lee, Wai Yip Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52016Which emotional profiles exhibit the best leanring outcomes? A person-centered analysis of students' academic emotionsDr. GANOTICE Fraide ; Datu, Jesus Alfonso D. ; King, Ronnel B. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62015Does family obligation matter for students' motivation, engagement, and well-being?: It depends on your self-construalKing, Ronnel B. ; Dr. GANOTICE Fraide Peer Reviewed Journal Article