Dr. CHIU Man-chung, Andy

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Visiting Associate Professor
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Internet law
Family law
Human rights law
Comparative legal studies
Legal philosophy
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12016易變法律趙文宗博士 Book
22015慾望公義趙文宗博士 Book
32015色法趙文宗博士 Book
52012中華性/別: 年齡機器Book
62012法律的告白: 檢視懲治性侵害未成年人的香港法律如何生產「兒童」趙文宗博士 Book Chapter
72012邊緣的和諧反抗混雜: 香港性/別公義法律論述趙文宗博士 Book Chapter
82012兒童‧醫療‧法律: 大中華比較研究Book
92012Un/Controlling desire, becoming others negotiating justice in the Hong Kong milieu of mainland pregnant women influxDr. CHIU Man-chung, Andy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102012Introduction: Is it possible to produce gender/sexual justice in greater China and Singapore?Dr. CHIU Man-chung, Andy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112012Confession of law? A critical perspective on production of child subject in Hong Kong law controlling child sexual abuseDr. CHIU Man-chung, Andy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
122011社會福利與法律應用: 溝通與充權Book
132011Simularizing tradition and foreign: Osmotic production of justice in the milieu of Hong Kong anti-domestic violence lawDr. CHIU Man-chung, Andy Book Chapter
142011香港實用婚姻法趙文宗博士 ; 何志權 Book
152010中華法哲學發展: 全球化與本地化之間Book
162010跨越全球化/本地化: 滲構公議論趙文宗博士 Book Chapter
172010放下年齡政治﹖: 香港後現代未成年人法律觀趙文宗博士 Book Chapter
182010Going beyond globalization and localization: Articulating a theory of justice in Han-Chinese cultureDr. CHIU Man-chung, Andy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192009擬似「保護」擬似「未成年人」事件: 由檢討《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》說起趙文宗博士 Book Chapter
202009兒童性侵犯: 聆聽與尊重Book

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
大中華法哲學發展: 跨越全球化及本地化香港樹仁大學圖書館大樓國際會議中心06-11-200808-11-2008