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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)DepartmentType
2007The impact of netizens on the agenda setting of traditional news mediaChin, So Yi ; 錢素宜 Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2013The impacts of integrated education of teachers and parents in Hong KongLeung, Ki Yan Department of SociologyThesis
2017Implicit theory about willpower and exerciseTang, Lok-heng Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2018The importance of companionate grandparent on adult attachment: The moderating effect of grandparent attachmentWong, Sze Man Simona Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2011Imprisonment of women : a feminist exploration of the Hollywood horror cinema陳家怡 Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis
2011In a holistic perspective, both insider's and outsider's to understand Hong Kong rave culture黃倩婷 Department of SociologyThesis
2021In the same boat [electronic resource] : the relationship between fujoshi and gay in a gay novelYeung, Tin Ching, Taching Thesis
2013Inattentional blindness : attentional set of surveillance tasksYue, Wai Lok Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2014Income disparity in China since 1978 : a statistical interpretationTang, Beiqi Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2017The influence of parental divorce and remarriage on intimate relationship attachment and mental healthChan, Yuen-Tung Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2013Influences of gender roles on Hong Kong lesbian couples in romantic relationshipTang, Wing Chee Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2017The influences of orthography, pictorial features and completeness of shape on the Bouba-Kiki effectYip, Ka Ki Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2007Inquiry into falling objects from high-rise building in Hong Kong馬家豪 Department of SociologyThesis
2014Integrated education in Hong Kong : how SEN students, parents and teachers perceive students' actual needsNg, Wun Ting Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017The inter-relationship between internal factors and stock price in fast food restaurant : the empirical study of Fairwood鄭佳穎 ; Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Dept. of Economics and Finance Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2010The interactivity between anti-drug announcement in the public interest on youth abuse problem and administrative ideology of the Hong Kong government : reflection and impact翟學勤 Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2017An international study in housing affordability賴佩琪 ; Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Dept. of Economics and Finance Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2019Intimate relationship building in conflict communication with the usage of satir congruence group implementation reportLee, Ching Hei Thesis
2017Intimate relationship experiences of older homosexual in Hong KongWong, Sze Ka, Cecilia Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2010Into the no man's land : the becoming of an androgyny in Tung Kai Cheung's 'The androgyny : the evolution history of a non-existent species'謝婉雯 Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis