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Researcher profiles
NameChinese NameTitle
LAM Hing-chauSenior Lecturer
Prof. WEI Chuxiong魏楚雄教授Head of the Department; Director of Centre for Research and Teaching in Chinese History
Dr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex陳自強博士Capstone Project Coordinator; Associate Professor; Director, Positive Psychology Laboratory
Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine崔希玲Associate Professor
Dr. FU Wai符瑋博士Associate Professor; Research Coordinator, M.SSc. Counselling and Psychology Programme
Dr. AU Wing Kwong區榮光博士Associate Professor; Director of China Liaison Office
Dr. WAN Yee Yin, AdolphusFractional Assistant Professor; China Business Studies Concentration Coordinator
Dr. NG Chi Ho, Mark伍志豪Assistant Professor
Dr. JAYAWICKRAMA SharanyaAssistant Professor
Dr. LAM Yee ManAssistant Professor
Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth周德慧博士Associate Professor
Dr. LO Lap YanAssociate Professor; Research Coordinator, BSocSc (Hons) in Counselling and Psychology
Dr. CHIO Hin Man, Jasmine趙騫雯博士Director, BSocSc (Hons) in Psychology Programme; Assistant Professor
Mrs. CHUNG Alice鍾李敏儀Financial Services & Planning Concentration Coordinator; Senior Lecturer
Prof. SUN Tien Lun, Catherine孫天倫教授Professor; Academic Vice President
Dr. CHEUNG Fung Yi, Millissa張鳳儀Associate Professor; Departmental Research Coordinator
Dr. CHAN Wei Leng陳慧寧博士助理教授
LI Nog Chun李娥珍普通話培訓測試中心主任; 高級講師
YUNG Oi Mui容愛梅講師
Dr. HSU Si-won, Sharon許思韻博士
Dr. TSE Pui Chi謝佩芝博士Director, BSocSc (Hons) in Counselling and Psychology Programme; Assistant Professor
Dr. HO Sin Wan Bianca何善韻博士
Dr. CHOW Tak Sang, Jason周德生博士Assistant Professor; Director, MSSc. Psychology Programme
Dr. CONNOLLY, J. PatrickAssistant Professor
KWOK Ka Yiu, DanielSenior Lecturer
Dr. LIN M. Muriel林孟儀博士Assistant Professor; Assistant Director, MSocSc in Counselling Psychology Programme
Dr. SIU Yat-fan, NicolsonAssistant Professor
Dr. THOMPSON NigelAssistant Professor
Tsang, Chun Kei曾俊基
CHAN Wing Fung陳永豐助理教授
HOPE AndreaAssociate Academic Vice President
Dr. ZHANG Yingxuan, CynthiaSessional Lecturer
CHEN Rong陳蓉
Dr. HUI Kin Yip許建業博士講師
Prof. YU Kai Ching, Calvin余啟程教授Professor
Dr. CHEUNG Wai Leung, Raysen張偉良博士Associate Professor; Director, MSSc. Counselling Psychology Programme
Prof. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis梁永熾教授Professor; Head of Data Analytics and Survey Research Center
Dr. WONG Fung Yee, MargaretHead of Department; Associate Professor of Practice
Dr. GANOTICE FraideAssistant Professor
Prof. FU Cheng Zhou傅承洲教授教授
Dr. HO Ka Chun何嘉俊博士講師; 中文教學部副主任
Dr. WONG Chi Keung, GeorgeSenior Lecturer
LEUNG Cham Sum, JasonLecturer
Dr. CHAN Wing Lui, WinnieAssistant Professor
Dr. CHIO Hin-ngan, FloriaLecturer
Dr. LAU Hi Po, BoboAssistant Professor
Dr. PANG Lan-sze彭蘭施博士Director, Psy.D (Coun Psy) Programme; Associate Professor of Practice
Dr. LAM Gigi林之博士Assistant Professor
LOWE Sandra
Prof. YANG Ruowei楊若薇教授教授