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Associate Academic Vice-President (Teaching and Learning Development)
Associate Professor
Associate Director, Technoscience Culture Research and Development Center
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Interdisciplinary & Intercultural Studies
Technoscience Culture
Gender Studies
Literary Studies
Science Fiction
Chinese Minority Cultures
Deleuzian philosophy
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12018Classical Chinese medicine and the new humanitiesDr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy Book Chapter
22018Deleuze and the humanities: East and WestBook
32018Symposium on science fiction and the climate crisisCanavan, Gerry ; Dr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy ; Ingerwersen, Moritz ; Jue, Melody ; Li, Hua ; Murphy, Patrick D. ; Robinson, Kim Stanley ; Shaviro, Steven ; Singh, Vandana ; Szeman, Imre ; Prof. WONG Kin Yuen Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42016Visualizing the universe: Mandala and Buddhist cosmology as technovisual embodimentDr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy Book Chapter
52016Technovisuality: Cultural re-enchantment and the experience of technologyBook
62014Writing herstory: Nu Shu as cartography of empowermentDr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy Book Chapter
72011Science fiction and the prediction of the future: Essays on foresight and fallacyBook
82011Writing, weaving and technologyDr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy Book Chapter
92008Fractal geometry and chaos theory in literatureDr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102007電子遊戲與青少年暴力文化陳潔詩 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112006「纖」方百計: 透視纖體文化及身體政治陳潔詩 Book
122006科幻.後現代.後人類: 香港科幻論文精選Book
132006視真視假: 透視視覺文化陳潔詩 ; 陳英凱 Book
142006同性戀文學: 酷異理論看《膜》陳潔詩 Book Chapter
152005虛擬後樂園: 透視電腦遊戲文化陳潔詩 ; 朱耀偉 Book
162005When cyberfeminism meets Chinese philosophy: Computer, weaving and womenDr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy Book Chapter
172005World weavers: Globalization, science fiction, and the cybernetic revolutionBook
181995性別/文本政治: 女性主義文學理論陳潔詩 Book