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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12018The yin-yang assemblage and deleuze's transcendental empiricism: How Daoism became posthumanProf. WONG Kin Yuen Book Chapter
22018Deleuze and the humanities: East and WestBook
32018Symposium on science fiction and the climate crisisCanavan, Gerry ; Dr. CHAN Kit Sze, Amy ; Ingerwersen, Moritz ; Jue, Melody ; Li, Hua ; Murphy, Patrick D. ; Robinson, Kim Stanley ; Shaviro, Steven ; Singh, Vandana ; Szeman, Imre ; Prof. WONG Kin Yuen Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42016The "Thousand-Mile eye" and the image-less elephant: Imaging the Universe in Eco-poetics and philosophyProf. WONG Kin Yuen Book Chapter
52016Technovisuality: Cultural re-enchantment and the experience of technologyBook
69-Apr-2015The Chinese compound-nouns embodied in the Yin-Yang assemblage: With reference to deleuze's transcendental empiricism and systems theoryProf. WONG Kin Yuen Conference Paper
72013The melodic landscape: Chinese mountains in painting-peotry and Deleuze/Guattari's refrainsProf. WONG Kin Yuen Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82011Intercultural and interface: Kung Fu as abstract machineProf. WONG Kin Yuen Book Chapter
92011Science fiction and the prediction of the future: Essays on foresight and fallacyBook
102008Interdisciplinary, intercultural and interface: Towards a hermeneutics of difference and virtualityProf. WONG Kin Yuen Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112006球場大朝聖: 透視體育運動文化王建元教授 Book
122006科幻.後現代.後人類: 香港科幻論文精選Book
132006科幻.後現代.後人類王建元教授 Book Chapter
142006都市場所與媒體景觀: 香港一個商業廣場的分析王建元教授 Book Chapter
152006《科學怪人》中的範式轉移.女性主義科學.文化研究王建元教授 Book Chapter
162006科幻之美.美之科幻王建元教授 Book Chapter
172005Hermeneutics and Taiwan science fictionProf. WONG Kin Yuen Book Chapter
182005Technoscience culture, embodiment and "Wuda pian"Prof. WONG Kin Yuen Book Chapter
192005World weavers: Globalization, science fiction, and the cybernetic revolutionBook
202003文化後人類: 從人機複合到數位生活王建元教授 Book

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
First International Conference on Linguistics and Language StudiesCaritas Institute of Higher Education09-04-201510-04-2015Conference