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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12020A research agenda for neuroactivities in construction safety knowledge sharing, hazard identification and decision makingDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Lu, Weisheng ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel Conference Proceedings
22019Democracy and economic growthDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Dr. TANG Chi Ho, Edward ; Leung, Tat Ho Article
32019Evaluation of eutrophication in freshwater lakes: A new non-equilibrium statistical approachDu, Huibin ; Chen, Zhenni ; Mao, Guozhu ; Chen, Ling ; Crittenden, John ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chai, Lihe Article
42019A comparative life-cycle assessment of hydro-, nuclear and wind power: A China studyWang, Like ; Wang, Yuan ; Du, Huibin ; Zuo, Jian ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Zhou, Zhihua ; Bi, Fenfen ; Garvlehn, McSimon P. Article
52019Ranking of risks for existing and new building worksDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Zeng, Frankie Fanjie Article
62019Construction safety informaticsDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Book
72018An economic analysis on automated construction safety: Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 3D printingDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Book
82017Factors which affect construction safety in different types of construction workDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel ; Tang, Beiqi Conference Proceedings
92017Wearable robotics, industrial robots and construction worker's safety and healthDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Ng, Ping Lung Daniel Conference Proceedings
102017Dynamic panel analysis of construction accidents in Hong KongDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing ; Ho, Chi Wing Daniel Article
112016The impact of the subprime financial crisis on the German and Norwegian real estate markets: L1, the Chow test and the Quantile regression approachDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; WONG Fuk Kin, Joe Book Chapter
122016Econometric analyses of international housing marketsDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; Chau, Kwong Wing Book
132016Market sentiment and property prices in Hong Kong: A heteroscedasticity-and-autocorrelation-consistent approachDr. LI Yi Man, Rita ; WONG Fuk Kin, Joe Book Chapter
142015Construction safety and waste management: An economic analysisDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Book
152015Generation X and Y's demand for homeownership in Hong KongDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Article
162015Construction safety knowledge sharing via smart phone apps and technologiesDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Book Chapter
172014The optimal principal-agent model for the CO2 allowance allocation under asymmetric information [electronic resource]Du, Huibin ; Li, Bingli ; Zuo, Jian ; Dr. LI Yi Man, Rita Working Paper
182014Energy sources, environmental protection, and sustainable developmentDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Book Chapter
192014Transaction costs, firms' growth and oligopoly: Case studies in Hong Kong real estate agencies' branch locationsDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Article
202014Law, economics and finance of the real estate market: A perspective of Hong Kong and SingaporeDr. LI Yi Man, Rita Book

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International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 201717-07-201721-07-2017Conference