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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12011How lesbians negotiate daughterhood陸紫樂 Thesis
220172901‧2902梁敏姬 ; 香港樹仁大學. 新聞與傳播學系 Thesis
320172901‧2902陳均佑 ; 香港樹仁大學. 新聞與傳播學系 Thesis
42017莫遇, 莫相遇鄭凱欣 ; 香港樹仁大學. 新聞與傳播學系 Thesis
52008Xianggang nian qing nü tong xing lian zhe wei he zeng jia? = Why teenage lesbian increased in Hong Kong唐麗明 Thesis
62017Intimate relationship experiences of older homosexual in Hong KongWong, Sze Ka, Cecilia Thesis
72012分析香港女同性戀者 : 「Tomboy」的性別角色是如何在與同性戀愛的經驗中建構而成許芷芊 Thesis
82015How homosexual minorities contend with the hegemony of heterosexuality : a case study of homosexuals in Christian churches in Hong KongFong, Cheuk Ying Thesis