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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
11996香港雜記 (外二種)陳鏸勛 Book
21996《批評的批評》之評介周國良博士 Book Review
31996香港人難分辨的普通話字、詞讀音2000例李娥珍 Book
41996《海藏樓詩》研究及評釋洪肇平 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
51996關於《古今小說敘》的作者問題傅承洲教授 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
61996Classroom inter-cultural communication - A Shue Yan accountDr. YAM Pui Suen, Josephine ; Davis, Luke Peer Reviewed Journal Article
71996The English language in Hong Kong - A student perspectiveCHAN Chiu Fung, Maria Goretti ; Berlind, William Peer Reviewed Journal Article
81996我國古文字的分化和合併陳永豐 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
91996Comments on "harm reduction and decriminalization in the United States: A personal perspective," by Robert L. DuPontProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah Peer Reviewed Journal Article
101996Drug use and drug policy in Hong Kong: Changing patterns and new challengesProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah ; Ch'ien, James M. N. Peer Reviewed Journal Article