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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12009The roles and importance of Internet activities, new media use, and leisure participation on leisure satisfactionProf. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis ; Lee, Paul S. N. Book Chapter
22017Media addictionProf. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis ; Liang, Jingwen ; Zhang, Yin Book Chapter
32017Narcissism and social media use by children and adolescentsProf. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis ; Zhang, Renwen Book Chapter
42009互聯網在中國社會之崛起: 四大城市的比較研究梁永熾教授 ; 李少南 ; 羅文輝 ; 熊澄宇 ; 吳廷俊 Book
51988The growth of the information sectorHudson, H. ; Prof. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis Book Chapter
62012The net generationProf. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis ; Zheng, Cindy Pei Book Chapter
72013Effects of narcissism, leisure boredom, and gratifications sought on user-generated content among net-generation usersPoon, Damon Chi Him ; Prof. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis Book Chapter
82013Introduction: Challenges for new media researchLee, Francis L. F. ; Prof. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis ; Qiu, Jack L. ; Chu, Donna S. C. Book Chapter
92003新資訊科技下的新社會與新生活梁永熾教授 Book Chapter
102015Mobile phone addictionProf. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis ; Dr. LIANG Jingwen Book Chapter