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12011論黃春明《放生》小說人文屬性的意義陳慧寧博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22017Moral taste: Food for ghosts in Hong Kong's Chaozhou hungry ghosts festivalProf. CHAN Ching, Selina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32018Using the syndrome model of addiction: A preliminary consideration of psychological states and traitsShaffer, Howard J. ; Tom, Matthew ; Wiley, Rhiannon C. ; Dr. WONG Fung Yee, Margaret ; Chan, Elda M. L. ; Lo, Camilla K. M. ; Ma, Eric K. Y. ; Wong, Ryan H. Y. ; Lee, Mary ; Cheng, Gordon L. F. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42013The mediating role of perceived organizational support in the effects of interpersonal and informational justice on organizational citizenship behaviorsDr. CHEUNG Fung Yi, Millissa Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52018Predicting purchase intention of electric vehicles in Hong KongDr. NG Chi Ho, Mark ; Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica ; Zhang, Serene Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62018Development of the nonattachment scale-short form (NAS-SF) using item response theoryDr. CHIO Hin-ngan, Floria ; Lai, Mark H. C. ; Mak, Winnie W. S. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72016Which emotional profiles exhibit the best leanring outcomes? A person-centered analysis of students' academic emotionsDr. GANOTICE Fraide ; Datu, Jesus Alfonso D. ; King, Ronnel B. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82008移民創業,非正式經濟與地方政治: 以廣州城郊的服裝加工區為例高崇博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92017清代才學小說是否構成一個小說類型傅承洲教授 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102015An investigation into the dynamic relationship between international and China's crude oil pricesDr. WOO Kai Yin ; Chan Hing-lin Peer Reviewed Journal Article