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11994《左傳》敘事與言外有意: 微婉顯晦之史筆與詩筆張高評教授 Presentation
21990Monetary rules as optimal incentive strategiesProf. YEUNG Wing Kay, David Conference Paper
31996Expectations about counseling in ChinaSchneider, Lawrence J. ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Abakoui, R. ; Watkins, C. Presentation
41990Sexual and aggressive motive in date rapeProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Porter, James F. ; Critelli, Joseph W. Presentation
51991Impact of therapists’ interpersonal competency on initial interviewsProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Critelli, Joseph W. Presentation
61992Judgment of contingency in clinically depressivesProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Cobbs, D. ; Critelli, Joseph W. Presentation
71996Violence against women in Chinese societiesProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
81996Transient mood changes and depressive realismProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
91993Depressive realism: what about the clinical depressives?Ee, J. ; Critelli, Joseph W. ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
101993Motives in sexual aggression: comparison between American and Chinese college malesProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation