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12021Evaluating the LiDAR and Kinect calibration methods and applicationLo, Sheung-Lai ; Prof. LEUNG Kwong Sak ; Leung, Yee Conference Paper
22021Live streaming e-commerce as a business start-up option for Hong Kong youngstersDr. LAM Che Fai, Lubanski ; Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica Conference Paper
32021Factors influencing continuance intention towards mobile banking services in ChinaDr. WONG Chi Bo, Brian ; Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica ; Qi, Jinyan Conference Paper
42022Adaptive overclocking mining algorithm selection approach in the cryptocurrency mining poolDr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie ; Lau, Ka-Ming ; Yung, Chi-Wai ; Ng, Ka-Fai Conference Paper
52022Design an intelligence system for early identification on developmental dyslexia of Chinese languageDr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie ; Ng, Ka-Fai ; Lau, Ka-Ming ; Lam, Chun-Wing ; Ng, Ka-Yin Conference Paper
62023Web-based training platform with AR games for dyslexic childrenNg, Ka-Fai ; Yung, Chi-Wai ; Muppala, Jogesh K. ; Lok, Cheuk-Hong ; Zhou, Senrui ; Lau, Hoi-Chung ; Dr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie Conference Paper
72021Development and pilot test for stuttering self-monitoring solution using telehealthDr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie ; Chu, Shin Ying ; Wong, Chiew Hock ; Ng, Ka-Fai Conference Paper
82022Cognitive assimilation and satisfaction with live streaming commerce broadcast in Hong KongDr. NG Chi Ho, Mark ; Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica ; Dr. LAM Che Fai, Lubanski ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine Conference Paper
92022Intellectual social scanning and analytics platformLau, Chi-Yat ; Dr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie ; Cheng, Wing-Fat ; Lau, Ming-Yeung ; Chan, Wing-Fu ; Wong, Hin-Ching Conference Paper
102022PC-based intelligent traffic monitoring system with real-time analysis for smart citiesLau, Chi-Yat ; Dr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie ; Yueng, Ka-Ho ; Fan, Cheuk-Pan ; Ko, On-Yi ; Ngan, Lit-Wang ; Tam, Wing-Chun ; Yeung, Wai-Nam Conference Paper