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11994《左傳》敘事與言外有意: 微婉顯晦之史筆與詩筆張高評教授 Presentation
21990Monetary rules as optimal incentive strategiesProf. YEUNG Wing Kay, David Conference Paper
31996Expectations about counseling in ChinaSchneider, Lawrence J. ; Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Abakoui, R. ; Watkins, C. Presentation
41990Sexual and aggressive motive in date rapeProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Porter, James F. ; Critelli, Joseph W. Presentation
51991Impact of therapists’ interpersonal competency on initial interviewsProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Critelli, Joseph W. Presentation
61992Judgment of contingency in clinically depressivesProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Cobbs, D. ; Critelli, Joseph W. Presentation
71997A study on female drug abusersProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine ; Lu-Chan ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.ex-staff.icon; Wong, C. ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.ex-staff.iconPresentation
81996Violence against women in Chinese societiesProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
91996Transient mood changes and depressive realismProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation
101997Clinical psychology training in Hong KongProf. TANG So Kum, Catherine Presentation