Sze-To, Ho-Yin
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12015Discovering Binding Cores in Protein-DNA Binding Using Association Rule Mining with Statistical MeasuresWong, Man-Hon ; Sze-To, Ho-Yin ; Lo, Leung-Yau ; Chan, Tak-Ming ; Prof. LEUNG Kwong Sak Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22013Modeling Associated Protein-DNA Pattern Discovery with Unified ScoresChan, Tak-Ming ; Lo, Leung-Yau ; Sze-To, Ho-Yin ; Prof. LEUNG Kwong Sak ; Xiao, Xinshu ; Wong, Man-Hon Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32013GP-Pi: Using Genetic Programming with Penalization and Initialization on Genome-Wide Association StudySze-To, Ho-Yin ; Lee, Kwan-Yeung ; Tso, Kai-Yuen ; Wong, Man-Hon ; Lee, Kin-Hong ; Tang, Nelson L. S. ; Prof. LEUNG Kwong Sak Conference Paper