Huang, Ying Ting
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12023Affiliate stigma and caregiving burden among family caregivers of persons with schizophrenia in rural ChinaDr. WANG Yi-Zhou, Joe ; Meng, Xian-Dong ; Zhang, Tian-Ming ; Weng, Xue ; Li, Ming ; Luo, Wei ; Huang, Yi ; Thornicroft, Graham ; Ran, Mao-Sheng Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22022Exploring the facilitating and obstructing factors of using virtual reality for 5S training: An exploratory qualitative study from students' perspectives in an industrial engineering undergraduate courseDr. KWOK Pak Ki, Alex ; Yan, Mian ; Deng, Xin Hai ; Chen, Xiao Yu ; Huang, Ying Ting Peer Reviewed Journal Article
3Nov-2021What shapes people's willingness to wear a face mask at the begining of a public health disaster? A qualitative study based on COVID-19 in ChinaDr. KWOK Pak Ki, Alex ; Yan, Mian ; Huang, Ying Ting ; Gao, Chang ; Li, Wen Zhuo Peer Reviewed Journal Article