Lee, Hsien-li
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12018Diversification strategy and earnings informativeness for security valuationFan, Hung-Shu ; Dr. LEE Hua ; Lee, Hsien-li Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22018Auditor industry specialization and decision usefulness of financial reports in an emerging marketLee, Hsien-li ; Dr. LEE Hua ; Chen, Chien-Chung Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32017Engagement partner specialization and corporate disclosure transparencyDr. LEE Hua ; Lee, Hsien-li ; Wang, Chen-Chin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42015Effect of information disclosure and transparency ranking system on mispricing of accruals of Taiwanese firmsLee, Hsien-li ; Dr. LEE Hua Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52013Do industry-specialized auditors add value to summarized accounting information?Dr. LEE Hua ; Lee, Hsien-li Presentation
62013Do big 4 audit firms improve the value relevance of earnings and equity?Dr. LEE Hua ; Lee, Hsien-li Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72012Does disclosure transparency matter for mispricing of accruals?Lee, Hsien-li ; Dr. LEE Hua Presentation
82011The value relevance of summarized accounting information and audit qualityDr. LEE Hua ; Lee, Hsien-li Presentation