Department of Counselling & Psychology

Philosophy of the Department

Counselling takes place when a counsellor sees a client in a private and confidential setting to explore a difficulty the client is having, distress they may be experiencing or perhaps their dissatisfaction with life, or loss of a sense of direction and purpose. Counselling focuses on personal growth. It helps clients develop and become connected to their internal resources and emphasizes the evolution of both interpersonal as well as internal harmony.

In this sense, Counselling is provided to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from those who are apparently well-adapted to those who display evident symptoms of pathological adaptation.

Counselling is about people and therefore our counselling training is built upon and continuously fortified by knowledge in Psychology which is the study of the human mind. It can be said that in the honoured tradition of the scientist-practitioner, our programmes seek to weld the art of Counselling and the science of Psychology together to produce a body of knowledge so that students are equipped with a wide range of skills and techniques based on established theoretical frameworks. Thus equipped, graduates can then serve the counselling needs of the community much more effectively.